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Essential Elevator Safety Measures

Elevators have become an indispensable part of every construction. Hence, it becomes mandatory for us to be familiar with its safety measures in order to avoid any unforeseen event in future.



Some of the safety features offered take in:

Elevator systems of the modern age stick to strict safety codes as well as standards and include a wide variety of features intended to help decrease the chances of accidents plus give passengers a rapid, dependable ride. Some of the several safety features offered contain:

  • Door sensors

  • Safety brakes

  • Door closing mechanism

  • Hoist way safety switches

  • Hoist way door interlocks

  • Emergency evacuation feature

  • Emergency alarm switches

  • Door fetters

  • Pit buffers

  • Emergency lighting

  • Emergency telephone or else communications tool

  • Fire emergency systems

  • Emergency power

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