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What is the most expensive of Italian Marble?

When we talk about marble flooring, Italian marbles are often discussed. There are a number of grounds on which they are preferred, nowadays. However, one question strikes in our mind is about its cost.

The truth is that Italian marble isn't expensive just for the reason that it is a luxury item; it is in fact a luxury item due to its premium quality.

Why Italian marble is costly?
The actuality that marble is a natural stone as well denotes that there is a lot of difference in its quality. That is why Italian marble rates more than the other forms of marble. It is just one of the supreme natural stones that money can pay money for.

How much does Italian marble cost?

Thickness   Least Price    Highest Price
16 mm Rs 200 per Square Feet Rs 400 per Square Feet
17 mm Rs 250 per Square Feet Rs 650 per Square Feet
18 mm Rs 220 per Square Feet Rs 1000 per Square Feet
20 mm Rs 220 per Square Feet Rs 400 per Square Feet


Is Italian marble the most excellent?
It is correct that the most well-known marble in the world comes from Italy, particularly the Carrara region. For this reason, several prefer authentic Italian marble near me. This marble is considered to be finer by many because of its purity, durability along with beautiful white color.

Is Italian marble slippery?
In case, you’re considering polished marble floors, just keep in mind that the material is extremely slippery, more than ever when it's wet, increasing the probability of falls.

Which country is famous for marble?
While marble is extracted in many countries around the world together with USA, India, Greece, Romania, China, Spain, Sweden and even Germany, there is 1 country which is commonly considered the home of the most high-grade as well as luxurious marble obtainable – Italy.

Does Italian marble require polished?
Italian Marble is exceedingly favored with Mirror Polish. This also gives incredibly smooth surface. That's why on floor always Plain finish or else Mirror Finish are suggested. 99% of the times Italian marble floor is for all time Mirror finish.

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