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Gallantt TMT Steel: For Solid Foundation

With decades of accomplishments, Gallantt Group has nourished a lifelong sense of reliability in its transactions, durability in its flawless products, and made commendable advancement in innovation as well as business expertise in the steel industry.

The Group has arrived a long way since 1984, when it made an easy and humble beginning by establishing a small industrial venture, to currently running 2 primary steel Plants by mode of Captive Power Plant in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.

Gallantt TMT steel bars price list:

Gallantt TMT Steel  12mm

Rs 56,425 /  MT

Gallantt  TMT Steel  8mm

Rs 59,675 /  MT

Gallantt TMT Steel 16mm

Rs 56,425 /  MT

Gallantt  TMT Steel 10mm

Rs 58,685 /  MT

Gallantt  TMT Steel 20mm

Rs 57,275 /  MT

Gallantt TMT Steel 25mm

Rs 57,275 /  MT



Product Specification

Trade name

Gallantt TMT Bar (Fe500 physical and chemical tested)

Carbon Equivalent



0.60 min




0.040 max


Unique Features of TMT Reinforcement Steel

  1. Elevated strength with better elongation.
  2. Brilliant Weld-ability.
  3. Resistance to fire risks.
  4. Tremendous Ductility.
  5. Higher Fatigue Strength.
  6. Superior Bonding Strength.
  7. Enhanced Corrosion Resistance.
  8. Simple workability at site.

Gallantt TMT bars are used in:

TMT Bar Used for

  • Airport
  • Power Plants.
  • Dams
  • Bridges
  • Stadiums
  • Highways
  • Flyovers

Additional Information:

Gallantt TMT bars are complete corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant as well as these pieces are must utilize in the coastal and humid area. It intensifies the robustness for a longer period. TMT Bars are as well fire/heat defiant and it helps to put off any hazard (natural or man-made).

What is the difference between TMT bars as well as rebar?

TMT bars as well as Cold warped rebars are unique in the manner in which they are made, even though both are superior strengthening bars. Twisted rebars are essentially finished with more established innovation modus operandi of cold twisting, whereas TMT bars utilize modern-day hot twisting expertise.

What is TMT in construction?

TMT symbolizes Thermo Mechanical Treatment, which is a thermo mechanical course; These TMT steel bars are in general used material in construction for improved protection against earthquake and another kind of natural disasters


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Tmt Bars is used when

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