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Ganesh Super TMT: Top Saria Manufacturers in Bihar


Ganesh Super TMT: Leading from the Front

Ganesh Super TMT Steel Bars are considered as one of the most eminent players in the construction industry. They are known for their greater tensile strength in comparison to their competitors. Supported by the extreme growth as well as years of experience of the Bajoria Family, these bars are produced in Bihar and have made their mark in the TMT segment due to their matchless class.

The bars are available in an extensive range – FE 415, FE 500 and FE 550.

Why Ganesh Super TMT:

Through their flexibility and other qualities, the product promises an assured grip which can resist even the greatest calamities such as fire, earthquake and flood. In laymen term, the product is the impeccable blend of strength and elasticity that keeps it above its all other competitors.    

It is able to maintain the highest level of quality as it gives too much attention on its manufacturing process and delivery procedure.

Ganesh Super TMT Steel Price

Size Price Date
12mm Rs.54,500 MT to Rs.67,400 MT 2022


600 EQ-CR


/ 10MM 12MM / 20MM /25MM/ 16MM 



It is currently dealing with the sectors of real estate (residential as well as commercial buildings), tubular battery, automotive battery, solar battery, steel TMT bars in addition to refined lead billets.


It strives hard to provide you with powerful as well as scalable solutions for all your requirements. It has years of experience in delivering treasured solutions.

First One to Employ Induction Furnace in Bihar

It is the first one to employ Induction Furnace in Bihar as well as help its clients to eliminate quality issues and irregularities in their construction work. Its induction furnace system generates TMT bars that are of higher quality and free from manufacturing flaws.

It Assures Quality

Every product the TMT bars manufacturers progress speaks of quality, durability as well as longevity. It can maintain the quality of its products because it is constantly trying to give its best which results in making top-quality TMT Bars for its clients.


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