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GBR TMT: Making things Easier for Construction


GBR TMT: Making things Easier for Household

Established in 2006, GBR Metals have since turned out to be one of South India’s most consistent TMT manufacturers. A four decade legacy in the steel Industry has given it an edge over its competition, making its product recognized for its superior quality, standardized physical as well as chemical properties plus resounding endorsements from satisï¬?ed clients. Additionally, GBR TMT enjoys approvals from numerous Government bodies as well as are approved vendors for Government and Private departments. Honouring its commitment to excellence, it constantly upgrades its facilities to manufacture class TMT bars. This makes the TMT the perfect product to construct with for generations.

GBR TMT Steel Bar Price

Size Price Date
8mm GBR TMT Rs.61,550 MT to Rs.68,550 MT As on 2021


GBR TMT Fe 550

It is the high yield strength rebar by specifications that guarantee supreme savings on steel consumption.

  1. High Yield Strength of least 550 N/mm2

  2. Tensile Strength of least 585 N/mm2

  3. Steel savings of 10% associated to conventional Fe 500 grade rebars

  4. Perfect for high rises as well as large projects.


It has a more refined chemistry as well as higher elongation values making it extra ductile than the other grades.

  1. Sulphur and Phosphorus is maintained under 0.040%

  2. Elongation values are a least of 16%

  3. Yield Strength is least 500 N/mm2 as well as Tensile strength of 545 N/mm2

  4. Higher Ductility creates this grade ideal for application in projects situated in higher seismic zones


GBR TMT CRS contains corrosion resistant properties attained through addition of other metals like chrome as well as copper.

  • High Yield Strengths of 550N/mm2

  • Perfect for use in coastal areas as well as regions with high relative dampness.

Manufacturing Process:

GBR Metals contains an in-house steel melting as well as casting facility to produce billets according to the
IS 2830:2012 code. Billet prepared TMT bars offers noteworthy benefits over traditional ingot finished TMT bars
in terms of consistency as well as quality.


Billets have a extremely uniform grain structure as constant pressure applied throughout the metal forming process in the incessant caster.


Purging during ladle pouring guarantees uniformity of the chemical composition in the completed TMT.

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