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German TMX Bars: Producing High Strength as well as Ductility TMT Bars


German TMX Bars: Meeting International Standards

  • TMX bars are very useful in the construction of houses, apartments, duplexes, and residential as well as commercial complexes along with other construction projects. The reason of their prevalence is their great weld ability, which confirms that less amount of steel is mandatory to create the bars. By and large, the process of manufacture of TMX bars saves twenty percent additional steel as compared to other steel constructs. What is more, since they have low corrosion rates as well as high lifetime; the need to swap or change them is little.

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  • From TMX Bars to MS Billets to Sponge Iron, German TMX is committed in offering class and solidity, and shaping business brilliance with strength and toughness by delivering superior value to its customers, shareholders and employees in addition to society at large. A rebellious essence, a vibrant goal and a promise to work in the true spirit of free enterprise, it makes optimum resource consumption, environment friendly procedures as well as practices, and a safe and vigorous working environment. The group aims to accomplish supremacy thru being a customer-driven, quality-obsessed as well as socially responsible corporate unit.


  • In 1971, Haji Shamshul Haq Iraki commenced a “TINY UNIT” in Ahmedabad in a small storeroom measuring 30*40 sq. mt. thru an early capital of â?¹10,000. It has been a fragment of the Haq Steels and Metaliks Ltd since its inception in 2013 and has been producing value steel products from its manufacturing entity in Kutch & Viramgam. The group has set up itself as one of the major sources for TMT manufacturing, Pig Iron supply along with Ingot Mould for a diversity of industries.

  • The company partner with its customers from first to the final delivery of the products. Later than 41 years, today, it stands strong with a massive infrastructure in numerous cities of Gujarat and Maharashtra catering to the requests of every market thru fully equipped machinery. It has successfully spread its wings in this business and encompasses a turnover of 0.3M tons of TMT Bars as well as 0.24M tons of Pig Iron per annum. It also produces Ingot Mould as well as Heavy Machinery Casting of 1 Kg to 20000 Kg plus Re-Rolling mill casting.


TMX Bars:

  • German TMX contains a steel manufacturing volume of 3.6 Lakh MTPA. Its Billet producing Steel Melting Shop as well as Rolling Mill holds a TMT production capacity of 1.2 Lakh MTPA. Its comprehensive production process is in agreement with world-wide standards.

  • Its products are sold to government agencies, civil contractors, industry houses as well as real estate developers, and are perfect for flyovers, bridges, dams and other critical buildings where high yield load is vital without compromising on the value and ductility.

German TMX Fe 500

Important features of GERMAN TMX Fe 550:

  • Meets acknowledged specifications for the UTS/YS ratio, in that way providing constructions by way of high strength as well as high ductility.

  • Has an upper UTS/YS ratio that creates it unaffected to seismic loads and be the finest choice for earthquake prone parts.

  • Raw materials employed in the production of bars have little carbon content that lead to bigger corrosion resistant properties.

  • Measured water-cooling stops the development of coarse carbides which is the foremost cause for corrosion.

Fundamental features of German TMX Bars:

  • High Strength as well as Ductility

  • Amalgamation of tempered martensite over the surface and fine grain ferrite-pearlite in the centre provides developed strength, durability and ductility to these TMT Bars.

  • Earthquake Resistant

  • This Thermo Mechanical treatment attributes greater elongation to the German TMX 500D bars, assembling them resilient to seismic loads.

  • Excellent Bonding Ability

  • TMT Bars strongly bond thru their adjacent concrete that adds to the strength and inflexibility of the construction.

  • Higher Welding Ability
  • Application of low carbon content raw materials in the manufacture safeguards higher weld ability of these TMT Bars.

  • Non-Corrosive

  • The external surface of the TMX Fe 500 and Fe 500 D TMT Bars form a rigid Ferric Oxide layer in existence of humidity and air while they are handled on the Cooling Bed. This covering helps the bars resist deterioration.

  • Steel Saving:

  • Keeping up a low tolerance of sectional weight empowers these TMX Bars to save 15% around in steel consumption, associated with competition.

Financial Status:

  • The group has successfully spread its wings in this commerce and make sure a turnover of 0.3M tons of TMT Bars along with 0.24M tons of Pig Iron per annum. The group also yields Ingot Mould as well as Heavy Machinery Casting of One Kg to 20000 Kg and Re-Rolling mill casting.

Why German TMX:

These bars do meet the maximum quality standards worldwide and are established to be extra heat resistant especially all through fires. This complements on to the strength and security of the building.


Difference between TMT bar and TMX bar:

  • TMX rods are manufactured thru THERMAX technology as well as TMT rods are manufactured by TEMPACORE technology. Nonetheless, both these manufacturing methods yield different kinds of steel and on assessment with their physical features Thermex steel as sophisticated quality than TMT steel.


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