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Gillette Power Generators for Home and Office Purpose

Best Powder Generator in Delhi Gurgaon India

Gillete Generators: Carrying the Heritage of World Class Products

Gillette Generators introduced its initial generator in the early 1960’s, beginning a heritage of manufacturing class generators. Well more than five decades later, the group has grown into a varied company supplying standby as well as prime power generators into the following markets: institutional, commercial, waste water, industrial, oil/gas, telecom, military in addition to high end residential.


Commercial Gas Generators:

Unfailing power performing when desired

  1. World class component selection
  2. 15 models from 25kw-800kw
  3. 3 phase/single phase
  4. Natural gas/lpg fuel types

Health care institutions, medical centres, hotels, office buildings, all have acute power needs. Gillette delivers the solution to shield them with LP/natural gas powered standby generator systems.

Industrial Diesel Generators:

Power and excellence serving you

  1. John Deere, Mitsubishi, Perkins and Volvo prime movers
  2. 18 Industrial Diesel Generator models from 30kw-1000kw
  3. Stamford generator ends
  4. Aluminium powder covered enclosures

The company is empowering through value standby equipment serving waste water, data centres, oil in addition to gas, municipal bid spec, as well as other markets that require industrious application requirements.

Agricultural/Poultry Generators:

Your Ag / Poultry power solution

  1. Four models from 64kw-210kw
  2. Fine dimensioned power units
  3. Industry top constituents

Diesel powered systems for agricultural limitation houses, greenhouse facilities, along with dairy operations. John Deere powering Marathon generator ends likens to unswerving back up power.

Portable Generators:

Stepping forward through power

  1. Seven Models of heavy duty generators to select from 6.5-12.5kw
  2. Negligible harmonic distortion in the wave form
  3. Brushless maintenance free generator end
  4. Power by Honda as well as Kohler engines

Prime Gas Generators:

Reliable Prime Power for the hardest conditions and applications.

These gas generators precisely engineered to handle the tough conditions of remote oil and gas operations, along with other off grid applications with incessant duty cycle.

  1. PSI Prime movers
  2. Stamford generator lasts
  3. Seven models from 80kw-650kw
  4. Mastertrak remote monitoring

Tier 4 Final Prime Diesel Generators:

Trustworthy Prime Power for the strongest conditions and applications.

These diesel generators exactly engineered to handle the difficult circumstances of remote oil and gas operations, in addition to other off grid applications with nonstop duty cycles.

  1. Nine models from 60kw-600kw
  2. Stamford generator ends
  3. Volvo Prime movers
  4. DEF storage tank
  5. SCR catalyst

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