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IndoStar TMT Steel Quality Review Grade online - India

Indostar TMT Price in Uttarakhand Kashipur India

Indostar TMT: Pioneering Technology

The SPNG Group is titled after Shri Pyare Lal as well as Shri Nand Kishore Galwalia. It is a well-known Group in the market and is familiar with the trademark name INDOSTARTM.

The SPNG Group has been indicating the inheritance of transforming lives since 1954, by changing age old old-style business into - time based latest business trends. For the duration of the year 1969, trading business moved to manufacturing business to keep up-to-date with the upstream market expansion viewpoint. That was the time while new India was standing up with fresh technology based manufacturing systems to keep pace with the rest of the globe.

Indostar TMT Steel bar Saria Rate list:

Indostar TMT Steel bar Saria  12mm

Rs 54,560 /  MT

Indostar TMT Steel bar Saria  8mm

Rs 57,545 /  MT

Indostar TMT Steel bar Saria 16mm

Rs 55,570 /  MT

Indostar TMT Steel bar Saria 10mm

Rs 55,540 /  MT

Indostar TMT Steel bar Saria 20mm

Rs 56,505 /  MT

Indostar TMT Steel bar Saria 25mm

Rs 56,505 /  MT


Iron as well as steel industry in India

Set up in the year 2005 as an Steel Manufacturing Corporation, Galwalia Ispat Udyog Private Limited functions as a major component of the Indostar Group. With superiority, the group produces class stainless steel products that come in numerous grades and sizes. As a contemporary Indian iron and steel company, its unit is well equipped with recent plant and machinery. It uses pioneering technology and infrastructure for augmented productivity and greater output as matched with other steel manufacturers in India.

TMT Bars:

To build robust concrete structures, TMT bars are normally used as building material. The reinforcing bar is located in concrete to increase compression force as well as tension. These are grander in quality and possess outstanding features similar to:


  1. HYQST Technology soft core (ferrite as well as pearlite), additional ordinary banding
  2. Outstanding bonding with cement
  3. Zero weight as well as size variation
  4. Remarkable welding ability
  5. Fire as well as corrosion resistant
  6. Earthquake resistant – high UTS/YS ratio

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Tmt Bars is used when

Building Superstructure

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Laying Down Foundation

Foundation work is important for any construction. Comaron Gurgaon provides complete Solution for Foundation work