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Indus Steel Grade, Strength for Construction in India

Indus TMT price Karnataka

Indus TMT: Reliable Quality

Indus TMT began its journey in 1996 with a vision to transform the blueprint of dreams into structures. Its state-of-art manufacturing unit at Hosur near Attibelle(Kn) well equipped through advanced computer controlled, mechanical and automated machinery united with its innovations, commitment and reliability has conveyed reliable and best quality steel much above BIS. It has been considered as No.1 brand in Karnataka by different building owners, mason, contractors, bar benders, structural engineers, architects among with dealers as they are very pleased with INDUS 555-D TMT.

Indus 555-D TMT

Indus has led the way in manufacturing new dimensional TMT rods known as Indus X ribbed TMT. These bars offer additional strength and safety to the construction. From the time when Indus X ribbed is a premium product, the client will have the numerous benefits.

Indus TMT Steel Bar Price Today

Indus TMT Steel Bar Price 12mm

Rs 68, 055 /  MT

As on May 27th 2022

Indus TMT Steel Bar Price 8mm

Rs 72, 550 /  MT

As on May 27th 2022

Indus TMT Steel Bar Price16mm

Rs 69, 255 /  MT

As on May 27th 2022

Indus TMT Steel Bar Price10mm

Rs 70, 450 /  MT

As on May 27th 2022

Indus TMT Steel Bar Price 20mm

Rs 69,055 /  MT

As on May 27th 2022

Indus TMT Steel Bar Price 25mm

Rs 69,055 /  MT

As on May 27th 2022


Extra Bonding

The exclusive pattern of X-Ribbed provides further ribbed area for concrete mixture to link with the steel rod, improving the strength of the buildings.

Extra Elongation

Indus X ribbed rods contains the Xtra benefit due to higher ductility which will match with any kind of construction.

Extra Security

The new strength (Proof strength as well as Ultimate Tensile strength) to the steel rods helps in added safety for the buildings.

Additional Life

The extra intrinsic corrosion resistance property of these bars provides longer life to the structure.


Why Indus TMT:

  • Impeccable Tricore Formation
  • Defends from air, water, fire and earthquake
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Quality guarantee as per international organizations
  • Pure Steel
  • Minor impurities of sulphur and phosphorus for additional ductility
  • Flexibility
  • Superior flexibility to bar-benders for all constructions
  • Fe 550-D grade TMT steel
  • Improved strength steel
  • 3X Rib Design
  • 3X Ribs deliver extraordinary bonding with concrete
  • Stable Quality
  • Raw materials manufactured from its own billet factory
  • Better earthquake resistance
  • Precise 12 meters length
  • Avoids wastage since there are no random length
  • Online Test Warranty
  • Mechanical and chemical properties quality assurance
  • Indus Selling Price
  • Transparency in displaying undeviating selling price
  • Quality and Service
  • 22 years of consistent, consistent quality supply as well as service
  • Strong Dealer Network
  • Stress-free availability through a prevalent dealer network
  • Onsite Mobile Testing
  • 1st to familiarize a full prepared on-site mobile TMT testing lab

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