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Interlocking Tiles: Manifold Virtues


Interlock comes in three common types – natural stone, brick, along with concrete. Interlock stones are some natural or prepared bricks which can be used to create eye-catching outdoor features for example walls, patios, garden paths or else waterfalls.

Are interlocking tiles virtuous?

Interlocking tile floors are suitable for any use, from industrial to residential. These tiles are inexpensive, durable, versatile and can be used for a diversity of custom looks, making them a great choice for anyone looking to mark his home.

What are interlocking tiles finished of?

Cement concrete tiles as well as stonework blocks are readymade solid products completed out of cement concrete. The creation can be made in numerous shapes and sizes as per the necessity.

Where can you make use of interlocking tiles?

Viable Interlocking Paver Stones Applications:

  1. Loading docks.
  2. Industrial storage zones.
  3. Parking lots.
  4. Airport pavements.
  5. Median strips.
  6. Streets
  7. Community centres.
  8. Public as well as industrial pavements.

How interlocking bricks are prepared?

By mingling cement, sand, and stone dust collected in appropriate proportions, these bricks are moulded. It is then compressed to form bricks with looked-for interlocking patterns when the essential mix is prepared. Then by means of a hydraulic compression system, the compression is accomplished.

Are interlocking blocks robust?

Interlocking Stabilized soil blocks partake a compressive strength of 2.5N/mm2. This displays that they compare well to mine stone in terms of strength. Reinforced concrete takes a much higher compressive strength that surpasses 15 to 20N/mm2 depending on the combination ratio of cement; sand; ballast.

Are interlock bricks harmless?

Interlocking bricks are not appropriate for the construction of huge multi-storeyed buildings, by the way it is safe only up to three floors. However, since the use of cement along with sand are fewer in interlocking bricks, the savings will be nearby 30 to 35 percent of the total price.


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