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What is Steel Scrap?

Iron scrap refers to any discarded or leftover iron or steel materials that are no longer useful in their current form and are suitable for recycling. This includes various items such as old cars, appliances, construction materials, structural components, steel beams, and other iron or steel goods that have completed their life cycle or are no longer in use. These materials are collected, processed, and recycled to produce new steel and iron products, minimizing the need for extracting new raw materials and reducing waste.

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What is the charge of 1 kg of iron?

The charge of Iron TMT Bar products has floated between Rs.39.3 to Rs.70 per Kg in the course of Mar '20 - Dec '22. These are indicative values established on popular product prices.

Scrap Iron Rate in Major Cities of India:


Rate in INR (Per MT)




As on 2022



As on 2022



As on 2022



As on 2022



As on 2022



As on 2022



As on 2022



As on 2022



As on 2022

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Who purchases the most scrap metal?

Turkey is without a doubt the major importer of steel scrap in the world, with roughly 25 million metric tons of the steel scrap imported in 2021. It superseded all other chief steel scrap importing countries, by India coming in second at everywhere 5.1 million metric tons of imports of this metal.

How do you compute scrap cost?

How to compute the scrap rate

  1. Conclude the number of scrap objects. Production teams often record as well as handle the waste items and materials that take place during the manufacturing route.

  2. Estimate the total number of finished items.

  3. Swap these values in the formula.

  4. Multiply through 100 to acquire a percentage.

Which is the largest scrap market in India?

Sanjay Trade Corporation is undoubtedly one of the greatest prestigious traders as well as suppliers of scrap for a number of enterprises in the steel industry in India. It is definitely the largest trader of metal scrap carried into the country, having processed about 600,000 metric tons of scrap.

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