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Top TMT Steel Saria Brand in Punjab

Application of TMT bars is quite common in the construction of any building or structure these days. These bars provide inordinate strength to structures and do offer the greatest harmony between toughness and flexibility. Furthermore, they help to reduce the effects of damages throughout any seismic activities. Moreover, they also contain yield strength and higher tensile strength, flexibility as well as ductility than mild steel.

Brand Size Rate Date
Jyoti TMT 8mm Rs.67,500 MT to Rs.74,500 MT 2021
Doaba TMT 8mm Rs.67,550 MT to Rs.74,550 MT 2021
Gian TMT 8mm Rs.67,400 MT to Rs.74,400 MT 2021
Prabal TMT 8mm Rs.67,000 MT  to Rs.74,000 MT 2021
Jindal TMT 8mm Rs.72,000 MT to Rs.76,000 MT 2021

These bars are quite popular in Punjab and they do assist in the consolidation of buildings in this land. There are plenty of brans available here. But, a few of them are prominent and they are as follows:

  1. Jyoti TMT:

As the name depicts, JYOTI bars have illuminated the construction industry with its multi-dimensional features. Its plant is situated here.  ‘Billets’ of worldwide standards are created by the application of advanced technology in this INTEGRATED STEEL PLANT. Billets are additionally used in the making of the Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) Bars. Therefore, self-manufactured raw materials donate to economical production and are is beneficial for the end user.

Must know Jyoti Saria Rate

The subsequent Bars, with their bendiness, ductility along with HCR (High Corrosion Resistance) aid in consistently maintaining its grades of the outcome and guarantee customers’ satisfaction accompanied by the desired quality.

These days, these bars have made their name and fame flourishes in different corners of the nation and is relentlessly growing exponentially. This could have been feasible due to their acceptability in a larger frame along with a lead in repeat purchases.

  1. Doaba TMT:

The group set up its seeds in 1970 with the inception of its rolling mill plant at Mandi Gobindgarh. Since then, it has never turned back and continued its journey on the path of success and growth.  In 1978 Doaba Steel Rolling Mills was the exclusive primary unit in Punjab to familiarize CTD BARS which undoubtedly was a big accomplishment at that time. With the course of time, that unit was renewed to fully automatic plant in year 2000 with newest state of art rolling technology.

These bars possess advanced weld ability, strength; ductility along with bend ability caters to world-class quality standards making them highly fit for ultra-modern construction.  Doaba tmt saria price today 

  1. Gian TMT:

Gian TMT bars have become domestic name in the state with its higher welding ability, working knack, ductility in addition to reinstated elongation. Their unique features discriminate them from rest of their counterparts. They are available at an economical price range and do quicken the momentum of construction. Their manufacturing course makes use of metallurgical procedure. As a result, finest class of bars are created from low carbon steel.

They hold incredible bonding strength, exceptional earthquake resistance, firm corrosion resistance along with high thermal resistance.

  1. Prabal TMT:

Salsan Steels (P) Ltd. is known as the fastest growing steel makers in the country. It is running an automatic industrial unit armed with sophisticated technology and is producing its TMT bars under the brand name “Prabal”. 

These bars have ultimate strength and solidity for any structure. It has certain features like bigger strength, ductility, as well as great thermal resistance. Moreover, it offers TMT bars not at its ease but as per the requirements of the consumers. It is supplying the bars the Government sector, Public sector as well as Private sector.

  1. Jindal TMT:

Jindal Panther brand was launched in 2013. Possessing the features of a black panther, the brand is inspired by suppleness as well as strength of a black powerful feline. Since its commencement, these bars have been manufactured in the most advance technology and do meet the needs of construction and housing structures. The further exploration and innovation are the endless process for providing the finer and finer class to consumers.

The bars are technologically advanced thermo-mechanically treated with the spark of exclusive properties. Its HYQST Technology (Morgan, USA) as well as QST Technology (SMS MEER, Germany) helps in the production of bars with superior flexibility, strength, weld ability and bendability. These characteristics exceed the standards of Fe 500D, Fe 550D in addition to 600 CRS bars.


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