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Jyoti TMT: Saria review


Madhav KRG Group is not merely a steel producing enterprise; it is the house of skilled competence and uniformity along with credibility. The group presents its TMT bars under the brand name ‘JYOTI’.

JYOTI Tempcore SG Rebars are the central line of its operations. ‘Billets’ of worldwide standards are formed by employing progressive technology in an UNITED STEEL PLANT. Billets are additionally used in the manufacture of the Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) Bars. Therefore, self-manufactured raw materials donate to economical production as well as are is beneficial for the end user.

The resultant Bars, through their flexibility, ductility and HCR (High Corrosion Resistance) assist in regularly maintaining its grades of the outcome and guarantees customers’ satisfaction along with the looked-for quality.

Today these bars have a large scale existence across numerous corners on the country and incessantly the spread is developing exponentially. Enduring the challenges in the Steel field, these bars have always stood prime in Quality as well as deliverance.


High Quality

Quality is not merely an act; it’s a tradition of high intensions, genuine efforts intelligent direction along with skill full implementation. Its Pillar of strength is the distinguished organizational strength, able as well as extremely competent manpower. All this is what led it to an incredible production volume of 3 Laces tonnes every year.

Consumer Satisfaction

Dependence of the customer is its most valuable assets and it goes a long way in delivering the finest of it. Be it any of its product it reflect synchronization of Quality with reliance.

Automatic German Plant:

Its leading product JYOTI TEMPCORE SR REBARS is the effect of a world class plant that follows rigorous norms diligently all this to cause a sound trust as well as dependability in the minds of the physical designer of building. This outcome into a building design which confirms savings thereby, promising additional values to the consumer

LRF Explanation

  • Ladle refining of liquid metal is an established technology to yield high class steel.

  • A Ladle Refining Furnace is employed to raise the temperature as well as fine-tune the chemical composition of liquefied metal.

  • Because of heat losses during refining with conventional ladles, greater hit temperatures are often needed from steel manufacturing furnaces without LRFs.


  • Completely Automatic LRF

  • Phosphorous and Sulphur is controlled much well

  • Total removal of Injurious Gases (Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen)

  • Interior Defects which are not indicated in BIS 2830 ( Billets ) are detached 100%

  • Heating course will be under organized

  • 30 Ton Volume LRF.

Important Features

  • High Tensile Strength even at advanced temperatures

  • 100% purity levels

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Comprehensive inspection at many production phases to feature end-user applications

  • Detailed assessment of all input materials to confirm desired specifications as preferred by the client

  • Observed metallurgical operations

  • Statistical checking of results to assist systematic removal of deviations, if any

  • First-rate Bond Strength, Earthquake Resistance and Exceptional Weld ability



The group believes that the essence of a successful corporation lies in not just running operations magnificently, but also increasing trust with all its Channel Partners as well as keeping them contented. At Madhav KRG Group, its channel partners are an important part of its business network since they help it in reaching out to the end client. When it supplies its products to them, it ensures that they also receive all the indispensable training and support which can benefit them present its products to the end customer reasonably, answer their queries as well as resolve their issues. It always performs its business with 100% Transparency as well as in Win-Win Situation.

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