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Kamachi TMT BAR : The Soul Of Steel

Kamachi TMT bar latest price

Kamachi TMT bar

The Kamachi Group is growing by incessantly pursuing greatest ethical values along with fair business practices instilled as well as nurtured by the promoters. They have rendered esteemed contributions for the organizations continuous expansion through their experience of more than three decades in the steel industry.


The Kamachi Group thru a turnover of INR 2500 Crores, holds an experience in steel business for more than 35 years along with steel manufacturing for more than a decade.

A Humble Commencement

In less than four decades what began as a trading company of mild steel scrap in Chennai, TamilNadu, the group has grown comprehensively to the heights enjoyed internationally these days.

An Honest Progress

The group has set the speed of technological innovation at every node in manufacturing its products. It has a history of successfully taking over several locations in different states, as well as turning sick units to justifiable profit centers prior to propelling its green-field project, Kamachi Industries lead to accomplishment. There is always nonstop emphasis to constantly enhance the existing productivity, and to shield the environment, apart from boosting profits with keen concentration on go-green initiatives. Its TMT re-bars roll out from its world class and multiple award winning assimilated steel plant to guarantee class and environment friendliness. This confirms that its products are part of buildings that last forever.

Quality of Products:

In the contemporary era of an enduring as well as incessant industrial evolution, the company understands the dynamic necessities emerging in the market. The tireless and round the clock endeavors have infused a commendable speed in the sustenance to exceed the modern class standards to manufacture ‘Kamachi TMT re-bars’. The loyalty to quality has assisted the group to survive as well as quickly nourish in this highly competitive industry.

Fe 500 D:

Also acknowledged as Earthquake Specialist, the ‘D’ signifies the additional ductility of the rebar. The greatest class blooms make sure extremely low levels of Phosphorus and Sulphur impurities. The minor these elements, the higher the ductility and capacity to bear the marvelous shock load manufactured throughout earthquakes.

Kamachi Steel Fe 500 D bars not only provides improved value and durability than supposed leading brands, it is also trusted by India’s foremost industrial houses.

Fe 550:

This extensively acclaimed grade from the group is produced with least 5% greater strength than BIS standards as well as can save up to 30 % while compared to usual TMT bars. Outstanding elongation, bend and re-bend properties and grander weld capacity makes the TMT favorite choice of engineers as well as bar benders alike.

Fe 600:

This Fe 600 is the steel for fresh age high-rise buildings. The steel strength of 600 MPa presents a 20% increase in load bearing ability leading to minimum 4% lower steel consumption and enormous savings; value for money. The incredibly low phosphorus and sulphur content offers the steel augmented ductility to bear wind loads and jerk loads throughout earthquakes. Being innovators to launch this particular class in the market, it is priced comparable to HCR bars, offering maximum advantages at lowest costs.


HCRM (High Corrosion Resistant Material) is actually a Fe500 steel which has the extra elements of Nickel (Ni), Chrome (Cr.) and Copper (Cu); that are there uniformly from core to surface, battle corrosion from sea water, salinity and acidity as well as maintain structural strength.

The cost difference compared to usual Fe500 is cancelled as well as the differential price converts savings against foundation re-strengthening along with yearly maintenance. The existence of greater corrosion resistant elements as well as availability at lower rates as compared to market leading brands and chief steel plants is a positive point apart from the enhanced building life.

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Fast Facts on TMT bars:

Key Facts on Top Quality TMT Bars

  • Greater Corrosion Resistance.

  • Uniform class through the Bar.

  • Upper strength and elongation.

  • Constant properties across the length of the Bar.

  • Constant rib pattern.

What are the distinct features of TMT bar?

  • Resistant from heat. Structure material needs to be heat-proof.

  • Relatively Cheap.

  • Links well with cement.

  • Bendable.

  • Resistant to exhaustion.

  • Easy to work with.

  • Corrosion-resistant.

Did you know facts regarding TMT bars?

TMT bars are one of the most vital construction materials that are commonly utilized for building earthquake-resistant edifices. The ribbed TMT bars from the preeminent TMT Bar Manufacturers make available better reinforcement to any concrete assembly, thus, reducing damages during any seismic events.

Why TMT is termed rebar?

TMT or Thermo Mechanically Treated Bar also baptized as Reinforcing Bar or Rebar in CIVIL ENGINEERING vocabulary, is designated as a high-strength reinforcement bar with a hard outer core as well as soft inner core.

What is the benefit of TMT?

Cost-effective– TMT bars possess higher tensile strength and improved elongation value, which fundamentally means you require less steel for the same volume of construction. Apart from bringing down the charge of raw material, this also saves charge on transportation as well as storage.

Kamachi TMT bar price

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