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Kesar Gold Saria: Best TMT Steel Bar in Madhya Pradesh


Kesar Gold TMT: Touching the Sky Limit

The strength of a building improves with the quality of TMT bars used in its construction. The manufacturing process of these bars makes them flexible and strong enough to provide inordinate consolidation to any structure. The process includes rapid quenching of the hot bars through a sequence of water jets after they compress out of the last mill stand.

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The bars are cooled, agreeing the core and surface temperatures to balance. The bar core cools down gradually to turn into a ferrite-pearlite aggregate. Power of the bars is sensibly controlled by adjusting the water pressure for their pearlite core and hard-hitting surface of tempered martensite, thus providing an optimum strength, ductility and robustness.

Kesar Gold Saria Rate Today

Size Price Date
12mm Rs.56,557 MT to Rs.63,554 MT 2021

Why Kesar Gold TMT:

Kesar Gold TMT Bars present a blend of strength and ductility, far in surplus of lowest limits of yields stress stated in the IS: 1786 standards. The representative values are as high as 450 N/ mm2 nevertheless the standards stipulates 415 N/ mm2 as usually applied by Architects. The usual value of ductility as calculated by elongations 18% minimum as against the average value of 14.5% minimum. Unquestionably, this ductility guarantees advanced levels of safety.

Distinct Features:

The most vital property of a TMT bar is its strength as well as the merely stronger than Kesar Gold TMT bar is its commitment towards providing the highest. Every Kesar Gold TMT bar in its wide variety of products (FE 415, FE 500 and FE 500D), follows strictly to the quality standards and measurement as needed by the customer. A faultless balance of strength and suppleness make it clear winner, as soon as you are looking for a reliable bar. They provide healthier corrosion resistant for a greater strength over the years. Likewise they have developed bond strength to the cement as well as better fatigue strength which offer easy workability at the sites and exceptional strength to any structure.

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