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LG Hausys uPVC: Making Life Perfect

Perfect Window Systems, India's top producer of LG Hausys Windows as well as Doors provide the finest and attractively crafted designed UPVC windows along with doors through state of the art producing facility of 50,000 Sq.Ft. situated at Chennai to serve its customers.


The company is providing the finest in addition to well-designed UPVC windows and doors throughout India.

The company has gained more than thousand satisfied customers. It provides the greatest service and class products to match the worldwide standards. It offers the service identical to selecting the accurate designs, site survey, fabrication, delivery in addition to the installation. It is having an energetic and well-organized team of more than hundred employees to furnish a seamless solution at your door step.

Modernising  Your Homes:

The group designs windows as well as doors in such a way that they turn out to be a part of perfect home working or living atmospheres for everyone. Its wide-ranging range of windows and doors provide a lot of scope to modify based on finish, design, colour, budget as well as hardware.

Exceptional Quality:

These Window Systems are prepared from the top quality materials joined with superior craftsmanship to guarantee exceptional standards.

Contemporary yet Timeless Designs:

These are made of the peak quality materials united with superior craftsmanship to ensure incomparable standards.

Defense against the Elements:

Not only eyeing great, they offer insulation against noise, rain, pollution, dust and growing energy costs making them fit for Indian conditions.

Reasons of Uniqueness:

It offers a high-class range of designer Windows as well as Doors striving to deal with the best solutions for your houses at an honest price. If you need a partner who cares about your houses, select Perfect Window Solutions.


These uPVC profiles are in fact multi-chambered sections providing with good quality seal mechanism as well as a multi-point locking system confirming excellent insulation.


These products are superlative for sea side buildings which are unprotected to strong winds, heavy rain as well as salty water. It is safeguarded by multi-chamber structure frame as well as steel reinforcements.


Maintaining outstanding innate material properties, its windows are faultlessly sealed as well as working even after over thirty years of tradition


Acoustic Insulation of its windows up to 40 dB of uppermost standards guarantees your house and office renovation into a pleasurable surroundings.


Its range of windows is verified to be water tight up to 300PA. Confirming no water leakage all through heavy rains is elevated track rail system and stair kind structure.


It offers a wide range of design customization selections which can be designed to any necessity for any projects are it homes or offices.

LG Hausys Products:

Sliding Windows:

Twofold sealed interlocking partse

- Reducing the inflow of dust and improved the insulation performances

Enriched water tightness

- Adopting fresh clip-on system to stop water leakage cause by the application of improper screw

Stress-free as well as high-class installation

-Rail-Integrated frame, one touch stopper Planned to maximize sunlight, improve views

Removable bug mesh frame system

Casement Windows:

Slim line Frame

Premeditated to make the most of sunlight, heighten views

Designed to make best use of sunlight, improve views

WHY UPVC is best option for modern home?


These windows and doors require negligible maintenance. You must not to bear the expense of consistent painting as well as high cost maintenance in the case of uPVC windows as well as doors.


These windows and doors remain similar for years even under most horrible weather conditions.


These products are highly cost-effective as associated with aluminium or wood windows as well as doors. Their cost-free maintenance and permanence make them additional cost effecting against other materials. .


These windows and doors act as first-rate barriers for outdoor noise as well as disturbing sounds, offering relaxed living and also aid in maintaining the privacy by confining the indoor sound inside the room.


These windows and doors have outstanding thermal performance. For the duration of winters, they resist heat loss while in summers, they oppose heat expansion.


These windows and doors are offered in 100% modified designs. One can acquire the windows or doors having personalized designs according to his/her personal needs as well as preferences.


These windows and doors are extremely durable and remain identical for years. The strength served by uPVC is brilliant, resulting in first-rate performance over decades. These windows as well as doors do not rot or rust and deliver good-looking appearance to the building for long.


These windows as well as doors have brilliant wind resistant. These are ultimate for buildings that are nearby to sea or areas facing robust winds and heavy rain fall. These windows and doors can take great wind pressure without being affected.


The windows and doors serve amazing water tightness safeguarding zero incoming of rain as well as water filing between the joints.


The product is Eco-friendly as it offers a smarter standby for timber or wood which are mainly used for making windows as well as doors ensuing in huge deforestation. These windows and doors can be recycled as well as used again.


These windows as well as doors are fire resistant and does not upkeep fire combustion in the case of fire misfortunes in difference through the timber doors as well as windows.

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