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Mongia Steel: Supreme Quality TMT Bars



Mongia Steel Limited is top iron industry in Jharkhand set up in 1997. Mongia is acknowledged for superior steel quality particularly in the segment of TMT Bars. These TMT Bars are famous and extremely demanded in the eastern region of India.

Mongia Steel Limited offers your construction a new dimension. The firm is committed to sustain quality products as per ISI standard. Its advanced technology makes your building earthquake proof. The company has strong research group to gratify constantly varying market and environment. It has strong presence in the eastern India.


Mongia Steel produces high quality of TMT Rebars, MS Strip, MS Pipe, MS Billets, MS Spring, MS Shutter Profile along with ERW Pipes.

Owner of Mongia steel:

Gunwant Singh Mongia - Founder and Chairman - Mongia Foundation 


Price of 12mm steel rod:

Price Series: Rs 22000-25000 per diameter.


Price of 16mm rod per kg:

Mild Steel and Iron 16mm TMT Bar, Building, Rs 48 /kilogram 


Price of Mongia TMT Steel:

 Mongia TMT Steel 8 mm Price

Rs 48, 900 /  MT

Mongia TMT Steel 12mm Price

Rs 47, 400 /  MT
Mongia TMT Steel 16mm Price Rs 46, 400 /  MT
Mongia TMT Steel 25mm Price Rs 47, 000 /  MT


Length of 12mm steel bar is:

Mild Steel 12mm TMT Bars, Entity Length: 12 m, Size: 12 Metre


 550 D


Twelve mm

Unit Length

Twelve m


Fe 550


Mild Steel


Most excellent steel for house construction:


  • TMT Steel or TMX steel is the best stake for house construction.
  • TMT steel bars are generated using TEMPCORE technology which offers the bar with well-built outcore martensitic steel with a soft inside core, which creates the bars strong and ductile.

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