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PAN TMT: Steel Manufacturer in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh


PAN TMT: Building the dream of India

The Journey of the Company:

The group has emerged a long way since 1981, while it made a simple and humble commencement by establishing a small industrial venture, to currently running sophisticated German technology plant.

Production Capability:

The firm began from annual production capability of 720 Metric Tons per annum to present production capability of 144000 Metric Tons per annum.

PAN TMT Saria Price

Size Price Date
12 mm PAN TMT Saria Rs.58,600 MT to Rs.66,600 MT As on 2021


The presence of the TMT Sariya is across Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan along with Gujrat through its network of distributers and dealers.

Why PAN TMT Bars:

The High Ductility of PAN TMT BARS creates it Earthquake Resistant making the construction robust, safe, and long-lasting.

Manufacturing Route:

1. Iron Ore

The TMT Bars are made up from combination of iron ore and alloys.

2. Melting Process

Iron is additionally heated by means of induction furnace.

3. Billets

Melting of Iron ore as well as alloys is further transformed into M.S. Billets.

4. Pan TMT Sariya

Pan TMT bars are absolutely made from M.S. Billets by means of German technology.

PAN-TMTWhat is TMT denotes in steel?

TMT stands for 'Thermo Mechanical Treatment' which is also identified as metallurgical course. These TMT Bars are produced under the IS (Indian Standards) Standards. In modern day market FE 500 and FE 500D TMT Bars are most employed for all civil and retail building purposes.

Why TMT bars are twisted?

Twisted bars are actually twisted and solidified while cold, to build their superiority through work hardening. Be that as it may, as a result of curving, torsional stresses occur in the rebar, prompting surface flaws.

How many kinds of TMT are there?

4 different grades:

TMT bar producers in India manufacture 4 dissimilar grades of TMT bars – Fe-415, Fe-500, and Fe-550, in addition to Fe-600. The numbers designate the level of stress that ought to be applied to deform it plus higher the grade, the stronger as well as superior the bar is. The grades are set according to their strength as well as rigidity.

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