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Buy Rungta TMT bar 10mm 8mm 12mm Steel Bar Price List online - India

Best TMT Steel Bar In Bihar Jharkhand

Rungta TMT: Durable and Tough

EKDUM SOLID!, Both these words power the core of Rungta Steel, one of the fastest rising Integrated Steel Manufacturers in India. The company’s Vision as well as Mission merges its core values and strengths through their extensive experience. It not merely matches with the changing times but also responding to domestic along with international market forces.

Rungta TMT steel bars price list:

Rungta TMT Steel 12mm

Rs 58, 266 /  MT

Rungta TMT Steel  8mm

Rs 61, 744 /  MT

Rungta TMT Steel 16mm

Rs 59, 444 /  MT

Rungta TMT Steel 10mm

Rs 60, 655 /  MT

Rungta TMT Steel 20mm

Rs 59,344 /  MT

Rungta TMT Steel 25mm

Rs 59,434/  MT


Rungta Steel strives to maintain quality as well as deliver products par excellence.
Led by SR Rungta Group, the company launched TMT bars. The firm plans to increase the production manifold by manufacturing in united steel plants at Chaliyama (Jharkhand) as well as Dhenkanal (Odisha). This is based on their capacity to recognize the need of mounting steel demand in the country plus the government’s focus to arrive at 300 MTPA by 2030.


With a severe focus on consistent quality, unvarying grades as well as dimensions, Rungta Steel TMT Bars are contrived with the intention of building a stronger India. From high shock resistance and strength to greater malleability, these TMT bars exhibit a wide array of benefits accomplished through the appropriate usage of raw materials as well as severe quality checks to ensure products which are top-notch. The company has received ISO as well as OHSAS certifications as a proof to the fine eminence of the products.


Rungta Steel TMT bars are available in grades of Fe500, Fe500D, Fe550 along with Fe550D as per IS 1786 2008 version


8/10/12/16/20/25/28/32 mm

Why should I buy Rungta TMT?

From high shock resistance along with strength to superior malleability, these TMT bars show a wide array of benefits achieved by the suitable usage of raw materials as well as demanding quality checks to ensure products that are top-class.

Product Specification




2.470 Kg per Meter

Yield Strength (M per mm2)

550 Min

Tensile Strength (M per mm2)

>600 Min


14.5 %


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