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Prestige TMT : PRESTIGE Thermex TMT Bars


Prestige TMT Bar: Meeting the Sky Level Objectives

  • Prestige TMT bars do not need any introduction in the field of construction industry. They carry full value to your hard earned money.


  • Purulia Metal Casting Private Limited (PMC) was set up in 2004 thru a vision of “Building India” as well as dream of making value for society at large.
    Nowadays PMC’s series of value-added steel product varies from Mild Steel Billets to strengthening TMT Steel Bars. Trademarked as PMC PRESTIGE Thermex TMT Bars, the TMT array of products is formed with high-tech Thermex technology specialized by HENNIGSDORFER STAHL

    Acknowledgments to its obedience to eminence, technology, visionary management and a devoted team, today PMC PRESTIGE can distribute 120,000 TPA TMT Rebars as well as is ISO: 9001-2008 qualified by DNV and endorsed by United Kingdom Accreditation Service, UK.

GBR TMT Steel Bar Price

Size Price Date
8mm Prestige TMT Rs.61,550 MT to Rs.68,550 MT As on 2021


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  • AT PMC, all processes are combined to make a streamlined movement of procedure - from distribution of raw material delivery to communication of the finish Thermex TMT Steel Bars. The exclusive plant layout and paramount quality equipment offer categorical levels of quality, exactness and productivity to PMC’s clienteles. The TMT Steel Bar manufacturing process initiates with choosing the raw materials and endures with the 2-strand Continuous Caster which produces high quality steel billets as input resources. These are at that time put through the reheating furnace as well as made ready for the concluding stage of production.

    Manufactured under stringent class control, the PRESTIGE Thermex TMT Bars thermo-mechanically convey work hardening as well as heat-treatment of steel into a distinct process. These are centrally meticulous through a processing unit that assimilates end-to-end production, implemented by an exceedingly skilled team. The quenching route harvests a high strength bar from low-cost low carbon steel. It satisfies the surface layer of the bar, which pressurises as well as distorts the crystal structure of midway layers, and concurrently begins to temper the quenched layers by means of the heat from the bar’s central. Steel billets 125mm² are heated to about 1100°C in a reheating furnace. They are gradually rolled to translate the billets to the final size as well as shape of reinforcing bars.

    Subsequently to the last rolling stand, the product transfers through a quench pipe which translates the bar’s surface layer to martensite as well as causes it to shrink. This reduction pressurises the core, assisting to form the necessary micro-structure. The core remains hot as well as austenitic. A microprocessor switches the water flow to the quench pipe to cope with the temperature difference by the cross-section of the bars. The accurate temperature difference promises the process supplies for bars to have the essential mechanical properties. As the bar cools, heat drifts from the bar’s centre to its surface so that the heat as well as pressure correctly tempers to form an middle ring of martensite and bainite.

    To finish, the slow cooling after quenching mechanically tempers the austenitic core to ferrite as well as pearlite on the cooling bed. These bars, consequently, exhibit a difference in microstructure, containing strong tempered martensite in the surface coating of the bar, an middle layer of martensite and bainite, as well as a refined, hard and ductile ferrite as well as pearlite core. PMC’s quality section applies a strict technique of inspection along the whole process cycle, starting with thorough inspection of raw material to final examination of completed products and severe supervision of the course all throughout.


  • As soon as a cross-section through a PMC PRESTIGE Thermex TMT Bar is carved in Nital, three distinct rings appear. These are the anticipated microstructure of a high worth construction rebar:

  •  A tempered external ring of martensite

  •  A semi-tempered central ring of martensite and bainite

  •  A mild round core of bainite, ferrite in addition to pearlite


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