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Top TMT Steel Bar in West Bengal

Top TMT Brands in West Bengal

A significant portion of West Bengal is often struck by natural catastrophes such as cyclones, floods, droughts as well as landslides. TMT bars offer increased bonding with concrete and thus ensure superior grip for presenting an additional layer of safety. This safety feature supports the building to bear the thrust of floods, cyclones or landslides in the state. Thus, high class TMT bars are protecting the structures from getting deteriorated or collapsed and the illustrations about these special brand bars are given below:

  1. Maan Shakti TMT:

These TMT bars get manufactured by distinctive metallurgical treatment of low-carbon steel. Moreover, they lend superior strength to constructions. Additionally, they mend longevity and defend from environmental hazards. So, the welfares that you get from these bars are:

They Have High Ductility and Unified Strength:

Rebar TMT rods bend without breaking. Astonishingly, they have excellent shock absorption properties. Besides Maan Shakti provides you with TMT Rebars produced using cutting-edge technology.

They Are Fire Resistant

They can withstand temperatures that array from 400-600 degrees Celsius.\

They Are Corrosion Resistant

Truthfully, the bars are anti-corrosive. Remarkable to mention, the TMT bars can endure seismic loads. That's what marks them earthquake-resistant.

They Are Malleable and Economical

Admittedly, the bars are less costly than standard bars because of their developed elongation and tensile strength. Also, they are flexible and agree for simple transportation.

  1. TATA Tiscon TMT:

It would be very difficult to describe about the rich legacy of the honored TATA group. All products are finely and meticulously prepared. As far as its TMT bars are concerned, Tata Tiscon 550 SD is unmatchable in its quality benchmark.

It is built from virgin iron ore and pure steel. Thus its load carrying capacity is enhanced due to its great flexibility and strength.

The building in which these bars are used, can’t be shaken a little bit even in highest seismic waves of earthquake. There is a huge demand for these bars in the market.

  1. Shyam TMT:

Shaym TMT is already a well-known brand and hence, does not need any introduction for its existence. Its reliable class, even grades along with uniform dimensions and tolerances have stood the test of time.

Its integrated plant located in Durgapur has been manufacturing high class TMT bars for a long time. The following paragraph will give a glimpse of its impeccable features:

TMT ReBars Fe 500D

High Strength for Critical Uses

These Fe 500D Rebars are perfect for applications in heavy load RCC structures corresponding to flyovers, dams, bridges and other dire structures where high yield load (design load) is mandatory without compromising on the ductility.

Special Weldability

They do not require pre or post welding treatment since they have low carbon content plus are produced under controlled thermo-mechanical measure.

  1. SRMB TMT:

The list of virtues of SRMB TMT bars is quite long. However, the given below points will try to accommodate it in a crisp and clear manner:


Superior Strength

The TMT Bars (in all their dissimilar grades) are

stronger as compared to the traditional bars.

Enhanced Elongation

Greater strength with developed elongation is one of the unique features of the TMT Bars.

Raised Ductility

The amplified elasticity gives the bars a superb bending ability during construction.

Corrosion Resistant

The TMT Bars help stop corrosion and augment the life of the structures.

High Load Resistant

The high fatigue-resistant property of the TMT Bars aids in the dynamic loading because of the high strength of the surface layer.

  1. Tufcon TMT:

Tufcon TMT certainly helps in materializing the palace of your dream. Its varied products help in setting up a very strong foundation of your house. Its products range from 500Fe, 550Fe in addition to 600HCR re-bars. It ensures quality manufacturing as well as marketing services in a timely and cost-effective technique, leveraging the up-to-date German Technology. This promises that your construction stands tall, come what may.

In West Bengal, these TMT bars have become the domestic name and are becoming the part of almost all the construction projects these days.

  1. Toptech TMT:

Manufacturing Process

TopTech TMT Bars are mass-produced from superior quality billets, as per the world-wide quality standards and norms to guarantee quality consistency.

TMT Bar Features

Robust Build TopTech TMT Bars display reliable superior strength and high ductility which safeguards superior buildings.

Corrosion Resistant- The measured thermo mechanical treatment results in an identical and thick tempered martensitic rim, absolutely free from interior stress.

This martensitic rim advances the corrosion resistance as well as fatigue strength.

Seismic Resistance- They resists seismic waves because of their unique blend of strength, ductility as well as stress ratio.

  1. Dytron TMT:

Dytron Steel has a rich history and inheritance in the steel sector. Its skilled team has been linked with the industry for more than three decades and has been inventors in setting industry standards, best practices, and generating brands. Their concerted efforts have made it the top TMT bar manufacturer as well as supplier in West Bengal.

Fe 550

This widely acknowledged grade from Dytron is factory-made with a smallest of 5 % higher strength than BIS standards as well as can save up to 30 % when compared to regular TMT bars.

FE 500D

Also recognized as the Earthquake Expert, the ‘D’ denotes the additional ductility of the rebar. The greatest qualities bloom ensures tremendously low levels of Sulphur and Phosphorus layers. The lesser these elements, the superior the ductility and ability to survive the tremendous shock load produced throughout earthquakes.

  1. Durgapur TMT:

Durgapur Iron & Steel Co. Pvt. Ltd was set up in 2003 and has emerged as one of the principal TMT bar producers in West Bengal. With an experience of more than one and half decade, the company intensely believes in offering the safest and the most economical solutions to its clients, within a given period of time.

Know More about Durgapur TMT Steel Bar

TMT Rebars

Being one of the superlative TMT bar manufacturers in Durgapur, these TMT bars are high-strength reinforcement bars. They have a hardened external core and a soft internal core. They are manufactured under a progression called Thermo Mechanical Treatment, subsequently which they are named. They are mass-produced by passing hot rolled steel billets through water, which strengthens the surface and escalates its tensile strength while the inward core stays at a reasonably warmer temperature and from this time, the core becomes more ductile.


  1. Captain TMT:

Captain Steel began its journey in 2007 by establishing its first manufacturing plant in Kalyaneshwari, in Paschim Bardhaman district of the West Bengal state. Since its inception, it started to produce TMT bars through Thermex technology of Germany.

Captain TMT Rings

Finished at the same plant where Captain 600 EQR is formed, these TMT Rings help diminish the construction time meaningfully. They also help in checking wastage as well as save labour cost.

  1. Maithan TMT:

Being in tune with the development in steel-making expertise, Maithan Steel and Power Limited has a united state-of-the-art plant in Salanpur, West Bengal as well as is all set to provide the greatest quality product, using the unsurpassed technology.


All through constructions, Maithan Steel Rebars play an imperative role in perfecting the concrete so that the structure can adjust its shape as per the design of the project being built easily. Because of their high demand in multiple applications throughout construction, producers of Maithan Steel Rebars aim to yield products with higher strength and improved ductility to meet consumer’s necessities.

Maithan Steel & Power Ltd. produces Maithan Steel Rebars with the newest available HYQST technology, confirming that the best of products are delivered to its customers.

The high strength bars are the basic condition for any construction route, be it buildings or bridges. The rebar manufactured by it go through rigorous quality checks before they reach its clients.


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