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Rathi TMT Steel: Best Selling TMT Bar

Rathi TMT Brand

  1. Rathi TMT:

For the enterprise, the art of steel making is a brilliant obsession. And for over six decades, it has been honing its skills to become the flawless steel artisan - a reputation which is based on its ability to recognize as well as meet the needs of the rising steel market. Since its inception, it has been diligently sharpening its competitive edge by proactively reacting to its customers' needs even throughout tough economic weather as well as geopolitical storms.


TMT Bars:

It is a cost-effective, efficient as well as dependable concrete reinforcement fit for all major reinforced concrete constructions for example buildings, reservoirs, bridges, roads, irrigation in addition to power structures, dock plus harbour structures, piles, precast concrete, foundations etc. It has been utilized with most acceptable results the world over, in all foremost reinforced concrete structures for decades, as well as in tens of millions of tones.

Advantages of TMT bars over round bars:

• Superior yield strength.
• Greater bond strength.
• Agreeable fatigue strength.
• Adequate bendability.
• Agreeable weld ability.
• Lesser crack.
• Healthier factor of safety because of hyper resistance.
• Suitable both as compression as well as tension reinforcement.


  1. Rathi Powertech:

The Spot of a Leader
Rathi ThermoQuench KL 500 is a registered symbol of KL Rathi Steels Ltd. To buy a sincere Rathi ThermoQuench KL 500 rebar, aspect for the Rathi ThermoQuench KL 500 logo imprinted on the rebar in its own typical style.

Rathi  Powertech TMT Rebars:-

It is a cost-effective, well-organized and dependable concrete reinforcement fit for all major reinforced concrete constructions for instance structures, bridges, reservoirs, roads, irrigation along with power structures, dock and harbour arrangements, foundations, precast concrete, piles and so on. It has been used with maximum satisfactory results the world over, in all maximum reinforced concrete constructions for decades plus in tens of millions of tones.



  1. Rathi Stelmax

Rathi Industries Ltd. is portion of the RATHI STEELS group, which has been the inventor in the arena of manufacturing reinforcement steel bars (REBARS) for previous more than seven decades. The united Rathi group has an installed volume of nearly one million tons of bars as well as rods thru a market share of 45% in North India along with overall production of 10% of steel rolling volume on all-India basis.

Due to the complete size and scale of tasks of the entire group as a whole, every client of steel in the country is acquainted with the trademark "RATHI". The Group was the first in the nation to create brand equity in steel bars as well as rods way back in 1965. Founded in 1942, the RATHI STEELS group has been the inventor and market forerunner in producing of high quality steel bars. Continuing the inheritance, RATHI has emerged as the major selling product in steel bars and rods.


These are in fact steel bars of Fe 500 grade prepared according to IS 1786-2008. Rigorous quality control methods are adopted at the time of built-up so that TMT bars get the anticipated quality parameters. Suitable selection of raw material to appropriate rolling as well as quenching gives us the greatest quality TMT bars. These bars are offered in a wide series of diameters from 8mm to 32mm suitable for all kinds of requirement.

  1. Rathi Shaktiman:

Rathi Shaktiman appears to you with the strength of:

Three state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in North India, thru more in the pipeline

Installed size of over 1000 tonnes every day

In-house ability of producing MS billets as raw material for manufacturing high quality steel bars

A joined network of 900 dealers

Global associations thru Hennigsdorfer Stahl Engineering GmbH, Germany

Globally the greatest technology-Thermex

Global Class Certifications for its products as well as manufacturing process for instance IS: 1786/1985, ISO 14000 and ISO 9001, Grade Fe-415, Fe-500.

TMT Steel can be employed in a number of ways. With detail to service properties, the cataloguing is made according to the 3 groups of:

  • Base steels,

  • Quality steels as well as

  • High-grade steels

Rathi Thermo Quench:

K.L. Rathi Steels Ltd. was assimilated in the year 1972 to take possession of the assets of onetime Rathi Steel Rolling Mills a family enterprise set up at Shahdara, Delhi in 1942 for the production of steel bars and rods.

The heritage has since been carried on as well as the family business has emerged as a reliable popular brand, “RATHI” registered in India. In reality, the steel rolling mill unit at Shahdara, was the first in India to manufacture Cold Twisted Deformed Bars usually recognized as “TOR STEEL” in 1967 under authorization from Tor Isteg Steel Corporation, Luxemburg, Europe, a leading organization for imparting expertise for production of high strength steel bars.

This steel rolling unit sustained its function till 1996 in Delhi and subsequently under Honorable Supreme Court instructions relocated at Noida Extension Uttar Pradesh through the latest technology and renovated mill.

New Unit:

The new unit is an automatic as well as efficient to manufacture 2, 00,000 tons per annum of TMT Bars along with wire rods in sizes 8 mm to 32 mm. It is using Tempcore Technology and is manufacturing as well as marketing these bars in India under the registered name “THERMOQUENCH”.


The representation of a Leader Rathi ThermoQuench KL 500 is a registered logo of KL Rathi Steels Ltd. To buy an honest Rathi ThermoQuench KL 500 rebar, search for the Rathi ThermoQuench KL 500 logo stamped on the rebar in its own characteristic style.


The initial Rathi factory rolled into manufacturing on 28th February 1942. It was the birth of one of India’s most dependable brands of steel as well as the commencement of a remarkable success story.

From a single rolling mill thru a capacity of just 369 kg per day in 1942, it has grown into a steel giant by a total set up volume of more than 1,000,000 tons every annum in 2005.

These days, more than 50% of the steel employed in construction in North India rolls out of Rathi factories. In detail, it produces around 6% in India’s total steel bars and has a massive network of more than 600 dealers across the nation.

Many Pioneers:

  1. For more than six decades, it has sustained to place the standards for excellence as well as innovation in the steel industry by numerous pioneers.

  2. It was first to win high-class rights from Thermo Quench ISTAG Steel Corporation, Germany to create as well as market its Thermo Quench steel in North India.

  3. It was first to set new product parameters. Through its additional RATHI strength, it decreases steel consumption by 25% as well as decreases cost by up to 40%.

  4. It was first to produce Thermo Quench steel in India.

  5. It was first to set up Natural Gas Fired Reheating Furnaces.

  6. It was first to install Automatic Rolling Mill in North India thru automation of whole production process.

  7. It was first to introduce the notion of Branded Retailing of RATHI Steel y exclusive its steel shops.

  8. It was leader to install Mini Steel Plant in North India.

  9. It was first to launch the revolutionary Thermo Quench Technology in South Asia.

Rathi Euro Therm:

  • One of the most well-known and reliable bearer of the 79 YEARS OLD RATHI STEEL LEGACY.

  • CERTIFIED THRU BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS (BIS) to fabricatE Steel Re-bars According to IS:1786/1985

  • ACCESSIBLE IN 500, 500D, 550D grade thereby satisfying the needs of every customer

  • Environmental Products as well as Production, Germany

  • ENDORSED BY INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONS similar to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 as well as ISO 18001

  • One of the few producers in India who are AUTHORISED TO UTILIZE


  • Latest COMPUTER CONTROLLED PRODUCTION COURSE MONITORS every 7 STAR TMT bars on a millisecond basis, thereby promising RELIABLE class 7 STAR TMT bars by RATHI can BENEFIT YOU SAVE UPTO 20% IN STEEL CONSUMPTION as contrasted to the normal Fe-415 grade TMT bars

  • It uses one of the WORLD’S MOST PROMINENT TMT PROCESS EXPERTISE, “TEMPCORE” from the CRM (centre De Recherches Metallurgiques) assembly of Belgium. TATA Steel as well as Steel Authotiry of India Limited also employ TEMPCORE technology to produce their TMT bars

  • AVAILABLE IN TAILORED LENGTHS OF UPTO 23 METERS removing wastage because of scrap generation and also side-stepping overlapping in case of long spans


7 STAR Fe-600 Grade:

The strength of the best world-wide technology

  • Formed using one of the world’s most reliable TMT manufacturing machineries, TEMPCORE. 7 STAR 600 TMT bars pull their strength from the computer-controlled in-line method of hardening and tempering all through hot rolling.

  • Technical support from HEEP&P (Human Engineering for Environmental Products as well as Production), Germany.

  • Focussed by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to assemble Steel Re-bars as per IS: 1786/1985.

  • Other international quality certifications identical to ISO 9001.

7 STAR 500D TMT bars:

  • Created utilizing one of the world’s most trustworthy TMT yielding technologies Tempcore. These TMT bars appeal their strength from the computer-controlled in-line method of hardening as well as tempering for the duration of hot rolling.

  • Approved by Centre De Recherches Mettallurgiques (CRM), Belgium to use their prestigious TEMPCORE procedure.

  • Scientific abetment from HEEP&P (Human Engineering for Environmental Products and Production), Germany.

  • Certified by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) to produce Steel Re-bars as per IS: 1786/1985.

  • Other universal standard certifications like ISO 9001.

Rathi 7 STAR TMT:

  • Just bid farewell to material wastage while buying as well as delays in delivery.

  • Just say hello to 7 STAR TMT sarias which are designed to flawlessly suit your needs.

  • 7 STAR not merely delivers TMT sarias of any length up to 23 meters, but also delievers a comprehensive package that contains rates per piece along with just-in-time distribution.

  • Select 7 STAR TMT sarias. They fit your requirements attractively.

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