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Rehau uPVC Windows and Door System for Home

Best uPVC Rehau Profile in Gurgaon India Delhi


Add 60 years of European design excellence by 40 years of American market inventiveness

As a vinyl extrusion company, these uPVC window and door solutions are extensively recognized on both continents as the A-list choice for judicious manufacturers, architects, contractors, developers and homeowners.

A bold statement, yes, however REHAU’s inflexible attention to perfection ranges to every stage of the window and door ecosystem, together with DESIGN, MATERIAL, EXTRUSION, TESTING, SERVICES as well as STYLE. While other corporations do one or even two stages well, none bring on ALL OF THEM with the similar level of measurable quality and firm consistency as REHAU, beginning with design. 


American ingenuity and German engineering is equal to excellence in performance and style

It became one of the first companies to familiarize welded vinyl window systems to North America in 1976, by now having developed a household name for value engineering all over Europe. And while numerous early vinyl window builders surrendered quality for price in the American market, the group never compromised, never clogged pushing design in addition to engineering boundaries.

REHAU’s in-house design team cares custom applications, product enhancements in addition to new product development. Custom design services comprise modification of present window and door systems to meet the requirements of architects or contractors on detailed projects as well as regional variances.

That same understanding to market demand also translates into new as well as enhanced product development. Through an ear always to the ground, its designer’s prototype, test and construct the tools necessary to repeatedly upgrade and expand its window as well as door product portfolio.

Adding new value to your windows as well as doors

REHAU AttivoTM, the window as well as door hardware designed to flawlessly match REHAU vinyl profiles.  It fulfils the most stringent necessities for design, safety, ease of function and strength.

Paying attention to detail

This segment goes beyond offering hardware that opens as well as closes windows and doors.  It offers solutions that are characterized for cumulative protection and enhancing comfort.  It includes two handle lines based on clients’ requirements in style, price as well as perception of value.

The Classic line provides fixed spindle lengths making it appropriate for installation into 60 mm as well as 86 mm profile thickness.

Its design provides a single window handle for a variety of window profiles. Well-known by a higher anti-burglary safety mechanism, its REHAU LINEA handles makes it difficult to turn the spindle and move the window fitting from exterior.

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