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Cost of Complete Renovation of House in India

Renovation of Your House on this Diwali

The welcome of winter sparks the festival feelings. After 20 days of Dussehra, the most awaited carnival Diwali comes. It is not only the celebration of illumination, but decoration and cleaning too. So let’s do that – decorate our homes as well as meet this event season with a bang. In case you are running out of ideas to modernize your home to greet Goddess Lakshmi, try any of the following:


  1. Pay out money on decorating the lobby or entrance

Entrance is the initial big impression. This festive time make yours grand. Include plants, but place them inside conventional copper or brass pots. Or you can just buy the hand painted clay pots to add a rush of color to your entryway. Fix to the traditional appearance that matches with the Diwali theme. Lay divas to complete the look.


  1. Rebuild your puja room:

Rejoice this Diwali in a remodeled puja room. Swap the old wooden work by way of marble or glass work. Put dazzling lights, something in red, orange or green shades. Clean-up your silver. Pay money for new silverware or idols on Dhanteras in case budget allows.

  1. Paint the house or set wallpaper:

Bring the festive vibrations to your home by painting it. Pick bright colors – red, yellow, carroty or any other striking color you like. It adds freshness as well as cheer. Make use of colors which reflect your personality. Painting the house absolutely brings newness we all desire for the period of the festival season.


  1. Change the wall-decor of the whole home:

There are never-ending options of decoration items in the market all through Diwali. You can shop for your walls. Get rid of the old paintings and bring new as well as colorful ones. Generate a theme for every room and shop as a result. Lord Ganesha artifacts and paintings can magnify the splendor of your room. They make wonderful contemporary art-pieces. They are up to date and at the same time have a usual feel to it. If you wish to add a personal touch, beautify your walls with family photos. Select the pictures and get them framed as per the style of your home. Don’t purchase ready-made photo frames in order to hang your pictures. Display these pictures in a way they narrate a story.


  1. Bring glamour through lights:

Diwali is a celebration of lights. Then why not go with the noticeable? In case you have the budget, try lower-level lighting or put back old fixtures. If not, seek string lights or floor lamps. Pay money for new chandelier for the living room. By way of lights, the options are nonstop. Please visit to the local electrical store to check what’s latest this season. Lights are one of the most excellent ways to make Diwali unforgettable.


  1. Transform bedroom theme:

Just go to change your bedroom theme. It is the most refreshing thing you can do for yourself. You can buy new bedding, matching bedside lamps, painting along with vases. Further, the drapes can also be changed. You can select the traditional look. Or you can decide on to modern, chic or bohemian.


  1. Redo your dining region or modernize your crockery:

Entertaining guests is a big ingredient of the festive season. Therefore redo your dining area. Add lights, procure new runner, and change the placemats to go with the festive season – purchase golden, red or silver. Make use of matching candle stands to complete the appearance. Or simply use the customary route – buy fresh crockery on Dhanteras.


      8. Complete Renovation of House:

During Diwali most of the Indian completely Renovate their house as well as complete renovation of bathroom and complete renovation of kitchen

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