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Rungta Steel: Meeting the Highest Standards

You would have often seen several hoardings or other advertisements for Rungta Steel many times. They elaborate on its qualities, and its acceptable use has corroborated this excellence too.

With a proficient focus on innovation as well as technological advancement, which pave the way for top-class production, TMT bars as well as steel products manufactured by us imitate both – domestic and global parameters. Owing to the growing demand for steel in the country as well as the government’s target to reach 300 MTPA by 2030, it is all set to develop across the country with its production processes in its integrated steel plants in Jharkhand and Odisha.

Supremacy in design, precision in engineering, as well as perfection in the manufacturing process give its promise a strong foundation and help us ensure its future.


Rungta Mines Ltd. has been an indication in the steel industry since 1962, including in steel, power, as well as value-added steel products. Beginning with its steel as well as mining industries, the company has currently expanded into the steel, mining, construction, and power industries. As the parent corporation of Rungta Steel, they serve a massive customer base with the highest efficiency, thanks to their world-class equipment, quality control, and absolute expertise.


To be the customer’s first choice for finished steel products in India Rungta steel is highly motivated to work on its tagline which is ‘Stronger foundations for better tomorrows.’

Rungra Steel’s vision is to make the nation stronger. Being the leading and fastest-growing integrated steel manufacturer in the nation, Rungta Steel continuously works to ensure excellence—for today and tomorrow. Their first priority is providing quality products. Their efforts are always dedicated to maintaining the highest parameters as per industry standards.


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Why Rungta Steel:

Precision in engineering, superiority in design, perfection in the manufacturing process, and faith in industry experts provide a solid foundation for their promise and help them to ensure an EKDUM SOLID future!

Here are some key points that will help to find the answer to the question ‘why Rungta steel?’

  • Clean and Homogeneous Steel Quality

  • Improved Corrosion Resistance

  • Excellent Weldability

  • Consistent Supply

  • Quality

Clean and homogeneous steel quality:

To produce the cleanest steel, best-in-class raw materials are used throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Improved Corrosion Resistance:

The use of high-quality metallic alloys, as well as the presence of low carbon content, enhance the corrosion resistance of its steel products.

Excellent Weldability:

Smooth surfaces and low to no porosity in steel products improve weldability and prevent breakages.

Consistent Supply:

Advanced integrated steel plants will increase production to meet the government's target of 300 MTPA by 2030.


Rungta Steel's experienced in-house team of professionals performs sophisticated inspections with test equipment, including a universal testing machine, a spectrometer, and a microscope, in a top-tier metallurgical, physical, and chemical test lab.

eye-opening inspection and testing on all incoming raw materials and completed products following documented procedures.


Being a community-responsible organisation Rungta Steel looks out for society as a whole and does its best to address all points of concern over sustainability. The company has been actively involved in various social upliftment causes, touching the lives of thousands of people from all age groups across the country,

For the greater national vision, here are some ethical work examples from the company Rungta Steel.


  • Drinking Water Facilities

  • Infrastructure Projects

  • Health Camp

  • Environmental Causes

Drinking Water Facilities

The company Rungta Steel has provided numerous water tanks supplying pure drinking water in various educational institutions, schools, and hospitals in Jharkhand and Odisha, benefiting the students and the community who live there.

Infrastructure Projects

Various infrastructural projects, like the construction of computer labs, community halls, annexes, and academic blocks in educational institutions, parks, hostels, gymnasiums, libraries, and sports complexes, have been undertaken on behalf of the company for the purpose of fulfilling social responsibilities with the goal of making the nation greater.

Health Camp

Rungta Steel organizes and conducts health checkup camps, free eye checkup camps, blood donation camps, and polio correctional surgery camps on a systematic and regular basis for the good of the community.

Environmental Causes

The company has set up various water treatment facilities at all of its production units to reduce the negative impact of the wastes generated and the impurities produced. Following eco-friendly and sustainable drives, Rungta Steel has done plantation work with adequate water bodies set up to support ecosystems.


Rungta steel is promised to work with sustainable energy. The company pursues innovative technologies to achieve sustainable and eco-friendly development.

Rungta Steel has strictly adhered to maximum resource utilization and efficient climate change mitigation.

The company takes proactive steps to reduce waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions.

Company’s presence

As a nationally acclaimed steel manufacturer, Rungta Steel's operational bases are strategically located across India.

A comprehensive extension plan is also in progress. With both existing and upcoming integrated facilities, Rungta Steel is all set to become a pan-India brand soon.

Established plants of Rungta steel

  • Chaliyama Steel Plant, Chaliyama Jhadkhand

  • Karakhendra Steel Plant, Karakhendra, Odisha

  • Dhenkanal Steel Plant, Jharbandh, Odisha

  • Ferro Alloy Division, Meramandali, Odisha

  • Karakolha Sponge Iron Plant, Karakolha, Odisha

  • Kamanda Steel Plant- Kamanda, Odisha


  • TMT bars

  • Wire Rod

  • Pellet

  • Sponge Iron

  • Billets

  • Stirrups Iron

  • Fly Ash bricks

  • Silico Manganese


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