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Benefits of Saint Gobain Gyproc Plaster

Saint Gobain Gyproc Plaster: A Brief Introduction

Gypsum plastering is an environmental friendly substitute to old-style sand-cement application for interior plastering surfaces.

The plastering is also a quicker application technique for interior surfaces, since it does not need time consuming water curing method. Water curing process is compulsory for 20 – 21 days later than sand-cement plastering to decrease shrinkage cracks arising because of heat of hydration.

This plaster is mixed with clean water in suggested proportion at site to create constant slurry. Gypsum plaster slurry is at that point applied at wanted thickness on walls and ceilings by skilled applicators; this course is known as Gypsum plastering.

Applied for centuries in the construction space

This Gypsum plaster had been applied for centuries in the construction space as well as is time tested method for plastering inside walls. It provides first-rate thermal and acoustic properties while delivering superior rich and level finish. The technique is now very widespread in India and today is favourite choice of builders in most metro markets such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, Pune, and Hyderabad along with Chennai.

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Fundamental Information:

Gypsum is chemically named as Calcium Sulphate dihydrate (CaSO4 2H2O). There are 3 comprehensive kinds of gypsum which are found through the world.

Naturally gypsum is found underneath the earth’s surface similar to other minerals as well as this gypsum is known as Natural Gypsum. This Natural gypsum is mined as well as extracted below the earth’s surface employing conservative means. In India, natural gypsum is found mainly in Rajasthan.

Gypsum is also made as a result of the salt manufacturing course and this gypsum is named as Marine gypsum. In India marine gypsum is originated in Tuticorin and Gujarat where the salt pans are present.

Thirdly gypsum is also made as a result of industrial manufacturing processes similar to fertilizers, copper as well as power. The gypsum therefore formed is named as synthetic gypsum and is also mentioned to as phosphor gypsum and DSG depending on the kind of manufacturing route.

Is Gypsum a fresh idea?

No, it had been used for interior plastering in Egypt centuries ago. Tombs as well as Pyramids built in Egypt were internally plastered thru gypsum.

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