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Sankar Cement: Product of India Cement Ltd.


Sankar Super Cement: The Finest Cement

Sankar Super Cement does not need any introduction to the field of real estate these days. Its exquisite features have become word of mouth. The brand is one of the foremost choices of civil engineers, architects, and builders. The following discussion will help you to realize its various facets in a concrete manner:

Grade of Sankar cement:

OPC 53



Model Tag

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

Weight in Kilogram


Storing Kind

Paper Bag

Cement Grade

OPC 53


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Which type of cement is Top?

OPC is the top for house construction in India. Usually, OPC 53 Grade cement is fit for all RCC structures identical to footing, column, slabs, and beam, where ever initial as well as ultimate strength is the major structural condition.

Which cement is greatest for Walls?

OPC 43 is the greatest cement for plastering both outward and inward walls of low residential buildings. Besides this, OPC 53 is top for plastering high-rise buildings. OPC is presented in 3 grades in the market, OPC 43, OPC 33, and OPC 53.

Is Sankar cement virtuous for concrete?

It is best matched for high-performance concrete. It has high fineness - right for plastering as well as finishing works. It has a low heat of hydration - Supreme for mass concrete pours as well as machine foundations. Alike to 53 grade cement.

Which is stronger PPC or else OPC?

PPC has inferior strength to OPC but PPC provides improved workability and finishing as compared to OPC. PPC provides bigger resistance to chemicals.

Which cement is first class for floor?

43 Grade cement is normally applied for RCC work and slab casting, at the same time as 53 Grade cement is applied for plastering of flooring, tiles, and so on

Which cement is finest in water?

The kind of cement utilized for most construction, together with underwater construction, is in fact Portland cement. Prepared from heated clay and lime, the cement is the secret to concrete's gift to set underwater.

Which cement is top for waterproof?

Just make use of WP+200 with cement, to offer superior waterproofing shield to every part of your home.

Which is actual waterproof cement?

Waterproof cement is the tag offered to a Portland cement to which a water-repellent agent has been included. Hydrophobic cement is attained by grinding Portland cement clinker thru a film-forming substance for example oleic acid in order to diminish the rate of deterioration.

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