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Shri Sharma TMT Steel Bar: Unique Bar with Superior Strength of India

Best TMT sariya in Jaipur Rajasthan

Shri Sharma Steel Tech India (P) Ltd. is counted among India’s prominent secondary producer as well as manufacturer of quality steel Rebar Trademark name SHARMA TMT in Northern India.

Sharma TMT steel bars price list:

Sharma  TMT Steel 12mm

Rs 57, 452 /  MT

Sharma  TMT Steel  8mm

Rs 60, 704 /  MT

Sharma  TMT Steel 16mm

Rs 58, 652 /  MT

Sharma  TMT Steel 10mm

Rs 59, 755 /  MT

Sharma  TMT Steel 20mm

Rs 58,457 /  MT

Sharma  TMT Steel 25mm

Rs 58,453 /  MT


 For the first phase in its history the corporation has forayed into spread northern India States retail through Launch of SSTXON11000 Unique Rebar Superior quality diverse pattern cross section ribbed TMT rebar in India centred on European Technology, this rebar fundamentally modern parameters of to maintaining ductility .

The ductility of steel is associated with area under the stress-strain curve as well as this area represent the volume of steel to deform plastically up to is breaking level.

 “EVCON” technology helps to maintain high ductility as per Standard IS786:2008 in its TMT bars of grade Fe415D, Fe 500 along with Fe500D.

TMT FE - 500



This Product is ideal for applications in RCC structures in flyovers, bridges, dams as well as other critical structures where high yield load (design load) is essential without compromising on ductility.




TMT Fe-500 Bar grade material encompasses the following added distinctive features:


  1. Higher elongation – The bar assures min. 15% elongation
  2. Improved corrosion resistance - no corrosion or decomposing even after a long duration
  3. Thermal permanency - it can be employed even at high temperatures till 600° C without any fall in strength
  4. Excellent straightness - faultless straightness is ensured
  5. Higher weld ability - outstanding weld ability achieved due to optimum chemical composition
  6. Earthquake resistance - advanced elongation guarantees greater safety
  7. Prominent  ribs CNC rib cutting confirms very prominent ribs
  8. Higher ductility - first-rate bendability




Apart from application in overall construction sector these TMT Fe - 500 find vital importance in the following spots.








  High-rise Buildings




  Power Plants


  Critical Structures


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