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Shyam Steel Group: One of the Primary TMT Bar Manufacturer and Suppliers


Shyam Steel: Building the Nation through Strength

  • Whenever you go across any ongoing construction site, long, round iron rods are conspicuously visible almost everywhere. The very first question strikes in your mind. When cement, sand and other constituent materials are already available for providing strength to the structure, then what is the use of these rods? Actually, these rods are TMT steel bars and possess high fatigue resistance to dynamic/seismic loads as a result of their higher ductility. This makes them most appropriate for use in earthquake-prone areas and very reasonably priced.

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  • TMT steel bar has acclaimed a big market in Indian economy. This market share is predicted to magnify by 153.02 million tons between 2021 and 2026, through a CAGR of 3.50%.

Shyam Steel Introduction:

  • Founded in 1953, Shyam Steel Group is one of the primary TMT Bar Manufacturer and Suppliers in India, assembling TMT bars, Billets in addition to Sponge Iron. The whole group is guided by a philosophy to yield safe and sustainable steel; it is a forerunner in class production of steel.

Reason of Popularity:

  • Its superior design, engineering and class manufacturing process offer the perfect strength and elasticity to the TMT steel bars that is requisite in today's construction industry.
  • The operating income of SHYAM STEEL INDUSTRIES LIMITED was in the assortment of Over INR 500 Crore for the financial year finished on 31 March, 2022.

The Journey:

  • Shyam Steel has time-honored itself as one of the principal TMT Bar creators in the country. Its forefather, Sri Shriram Beriwal had visualized of building an inheritance in the manufacturing industry in the nation. In 1953 he actually laid the foundation of Shyam Steel thru a small factory in Howrah. Far ahead, he was united with his younger brother Shyam Sunder Beriwala. Their guidance contributed to Shyam Steel’s world-class expertise, quality control, and wide-ranging professionalism, which empowered the company to meet the rigid requirements of its presumed customers both in India and abroad. Functioning for over six decades and at the present an INR 30 billion group, the company has emerged as a large, emergent, competitive and multi-product steel organization via delivering quality material through revolution, excellence, and commitment.

TMT Bar Features:

  • Shyam Steel’s TMT bars come with a chain of inherent advantages resembling to consistent quality along with unvarying grades, dimensions as well as tolerances. It also comes with higher stability, properties for greater durability along with easy workability. Its integrated steel plant in Durgapur holds DRI Unit, Continuous Billet Casting Mill, SMS Unit(EAF), sophisticated  Rolling Mill as well as fully-equipped Testing laboratories – everything under one roof. The Company has acquired ISO – 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.
  • The company is offering an extensive range of construction steel. Its collection of TMT Re-bars avails the intermittent need of a civil engineer. The series of Structural Steel offered by the corporation meets the supreme demands of the engineering sector.

TMT Bars Fe 500D

Great Strength for Critical Applications

  • These bars Fe 500D is an exceptional grade of TMT Re-bars formed under explicit process conditions resulting in amplified strength as evaluated to other grades of TMT Rebars. These Rebars are idyllic for applications in heavy load RCC structures resembling flyovers, dams, bridges and other critical edifices where high yield load (design load) is vital without bargaining on the ductility. Apart from the features of these Steel TMT Re-bars show the following characteristics

Special Weldability

  • The TMT Re-bars do not need pre or post welding treatment since they have low carbon content as well as are produced under meticulous thermo mechanical measures.

Higher Corrosion Resistance

  • The skilful thermo mechanical treatment also marks in a homogeneous and thick tempered martensitic rim, entirely free from internal stress. This martensitic rim advances the corrosion resistance along with fatigue strength of this Re-bars Fe 500D once compared to other TMT Re-bars.


â??      The company plans to double its turnover to Rs.900o Crore in the coming three years. It has already attained a turnover of Rs.4500 in the Financial Year 2021-22.


â??      The group director Keshav Beriwala stated that the management would pump in Rs.1500 Crore to establish a 0.35 million tonnes per annum plant to assemble TMT bars in West Bengal and has by now acquired 600 acres of land for the state government in order to cater to this purpose.

â??      In addition to this, the company would also ramp up the capacity of its existing plant in Durgapur from the current 0.7 million tonnes every annum to 1 million tonnes every annum. 


  • Shyam Steel Re-bars have been verified at a number of prestigious national institutes such as IIT Kanpur and National Test House, under genuine service conditions. The field data attained in actual service condition proves its durability contrasted to other TMT Re-bars.


  1. No extra precaution is required in material handling as well as transportation
  2. No further preparation for storing or working at the site
  3. No preservation for the duration of fabrication
  4. Effective at poor site conditions
  5. Life expectancy cost-benefit
  6. No additional precaution all through the welding

An Honoured Presence throughout India

These CRS TMT Re-bars have been employed in projects like

  • NTPL Tuticorin TPC, Tamilnadu
  • Kerala Water Board Project
  • Paradip National Highway, NHAI
  • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Haldia
  • Haldia Port National Highway, NHAI
  • Kandla Port Trust
  • Reliance KG Basin
  • JNPT IOCL Terminal
  • Apgenco Krishnapatnam TPS
  • Mahegenco Bhuswal TPS Expansion

Shyam CRS TMT Rebars are perfect for

  • Highways and Flyovers Construction
  • Oil and Gas Exploration Sites
  • Ports and Jetties
  • Dams and Bridges
  • Thermal and Hydel Power Station
  • Hazardous Area Construction
  • Industrial Structures
  • Shyam Steel is one of India’s prominent TMT Bar, Billets, as well as sponge iron producers. The brand has turned out to be very noticeable among builders. Its consumers consider the brand to have the finest construction materials of the most exceptional quality.
  • The brand is projecting in many cities, as well as you can get your hands on the unsurpassed TMT material in Orissa without negotiating quality. Its products are highly trusted as well as loyal to its customers, delivers the best building construction material in Orissa, as well as are highly particular in maintaining paramount quality.

The brand is getting similar responses in other parts of India and expects to be more eye-catching in the TMT industry nationwide.

Top TMT Steel Brand in India

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