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Siporex Blocks: The Best Ingredient in Construction Material

Siporex is one of the foremost manufacturers of quality AAC blocks, providing buyers a durable construction block which can deal with heavy loads. A Siporex block can be utilized seamlessly for both load-bearing as well as non-load bearing walls and is produced with greater precision at approximately ±3mm tolerance. This knowingly enhances quality, as well as recovers insulation, ensuring that structures are developed through longevity in mind.

What are really Siporex blocks?
Siporex blocks are lightweight, pre-cast AAC blocks which are used in construction projects that need superior thermal insulation along with heat-resistance. They are also mentioned to as cellular concrete.

Let us understand the key benefits of purchasing Siporex blocks for your construction projects.

  1. Higher performance and properties

These blocks offer superior chemical as well as mechanical properties while being remarkably durable by design. The blocks weigh less as compared to a quarter of conventional concrete whereas resisting fire for seven hours at Fifteen cm thickness. Its lighter weight also aids reduce the total dead weight on the structure as well.

  1. Environmentally supportable building material

Siporex is a natural as well as non-toxic construction material through design, which saves energy and is in fact environmentally friendly. While the elementary raw materials are sand, aluminium powder, water and cement, the sourcing plus manufacturing of the product is highly sustainable to confirm eco-friendly production.

Siporex complies with worldwide standards of sustainability and green code, building it one of the few manufacturers that guarantee that buildings are designed in an eco-friendly way.

  1. Improves workability and construction speed

The blocks are designed for ease of installation, augmented mortar usage, and can be handled impeccably by forklifts or cranes. This increases the workability of the product, while heightening the speed at which structures can be built.

Owing to its high workability, the output of labourers is also exploited which enables superior output per day. The blocks are also easy to transport, store, as well as handle, which drops indirect expenses of using them.


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