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Cement Hollow Blocks for your Home

Concrete Masonry Units or CMU are acknowledged as hollow cement blocks, concrete bricks or concrete masonry. These lightweight blocks are completed using aerated concrete. These hollow concrete blocks are manufactured, hardened as well as cured before reaching the site and is a very tough and strong material.

What are hollow concrete bricks?

In general, Hollow Block is a Kind of Concrete Block utilized for building internal as well as external walls. The block saves time in building walls because of its large dimensions. By reason of the load-carrying capacity, the block is playing a vital role in the building industry.

What are hollow bricks employed for?

Hollow bricks used principally for offering insulation against heat since the air acts as an insulator. By supplying hollow bricks, the departed load of the structure could also be diminished

What are hollow bricks finished of?

These bricks are eco-friendly Construction material which is actually manufactured by recycled waste as well as materials like coal ash, rice husk, along with fly ash. They are rated from the Green Building Council of India.

Are hollow bricks virtuous?

Hollow bricks are bricks which have numerous holes in it. These bricks can be exercised to build both load-bearing and non-load bearing walls. These bricks have been in fact proven to be much more advantageous than old-style bricks. Hollow bricks are fire resistant as well as at the same time much safer as compared to the ordinary bricks.

Properties of Hollow Concrete Blocks

  1. Water Absorption: Not more than 10%
  2. Moisture Movement: Not more than 0.09%
  3. Compressive Strength:
  4. Drying Shrinkage: Not more than 0.06%
  5. Density:

How do hollow bricks act?

The hollow bricks are built with the help of clay. The bricks have a plane surface such that it needs less quantity of material for plastering. The bricks have less density as compared to solid bricks as a result of the presence of holes in it which makes it less dense as well as lightweight.

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