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SK Super TMT: The Elegant Choice

SK Super TMT is the structural engineer’s main choice for the finest quality TMT construction steel in Karnataka. The base of this quality TMT Steel was laid down in 1987, by Shri. S. Kulandaisamy accompanied by a team of devoted professionals, with a vision and commitment to deliver the utmost quality products which meets the requirements of structural engineers diverse needs of construction.

SK Super TMT steel Saria Rate list:

SK Super TMT steel Saria price  12mm

Rs 58,575 /  MT

SK Super TMT steel Saria Price  8mm

Rs 60,842 /  MT

SK Super TMT steel Saria Rate 16mm

Rs 59,322 /  MT

SK Super TMT steel Saria Rate 10mm

Rs 58,857 /  MT

SK Super TMT steel Saria Rate 20mm

Rs 59,182 /  MT

SK Super TMT steel Saria Rate 25mm

Rs 59,182 /  MT


The journey of SK Super TMT began with the formation of its melting division to assemble high quality ISI graded steel billets with faultless chemical composition and supply to several steel Re-Rolling industries. After forming itself in the industry as a reliable brand and manufacturer of pure billets for over 2 decades, the group set foot into producing TMT as part of their backward integration plan.

Why famous:

With superiority control from the source of raw material, this TMT became the most favoured choice of structural engineers. Nowadays as part of technology upgrading, it introduced Integrated Rolling Technology, ground-breaking and eco-friendly machinery for producing high quality TMT steel to meet the quality necessities of the structural engineers in Karnataka.


SK Super TMT Technical Benefit

Chemical Properties

SK Super TMT bars are formed from Fe 500 & Fe 500D IS: 1786 grade billets, through carbon levels maintained much lower as compared to the ISI specification which results in outstanding ductility, high bendability, improved corrosion resistance and greater weld ability. The other undesirable impurities similar to Sulphur and Phosphorus which impairs the overall longevity of TMT bars are also preserved at a much lower level than ISI stipulations.

Mechanical Properties

SK Super TMT Bar's exclusive manufacturing processes create a mixture of strength and ductility which exceeds the lowest limit specified in the standard IS: 1786 certification. In expressions of yield strength of SK Super TMT Bar, however the standard specifies a lowest of 500 N/mm2 for Fe500 grade; it produces at 540 N/mm2 as minimum.


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