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Smallest Residential Lift for your Home

In the contemporary industrial era, towns and their related periphery locations are getting crammed with several buildings, apartments, malls, and clubs and so on. Hence, scarcity of space has become the talk of town nowadays. In such circumstances, when there is hardly space available for the construction of your building then allocation of much space for a lift seems to be more complicated. In these conditions, Single-­Passenger Residential Lift comes into the picture.



There is a specific type of smallest residential lifts in the world, yet it is just as competent as other residential lifts that are much larger as well as much more expensive.

Fast Facts:

  • The elevator has a 350lb (159kg) lift capacity and is competent of up to 50 ft.

  • It can rise up to 15m over as many as 5 stops.

  • With a thirty inch external diameter, it is little enough to fit in even the most modest sized residence.

  • In case you thought a residence lift was out of reach for you due to size restrictions, this is the solution you have been hunting for.

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