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TATA TMT: Making India Proud

Tata tiscon tmt

Launched in 2000, Tata Tiscon is India’s initial rebar brand to introduce TMT re-bars thru technological backing from Morgan, USA. Since India’s principal rebar brand, the keystone of Tata Tiscon is constant innovation as well as development of radical solutions in its trade. Continuously growing technological innovation, manufacturing superiority and greater quality have assisted Tata Tiscon acquire the desired status of India’s single rebar ‘Superbrand’.

Through high tensile strength, as well as superior ductility, Tata Tiscon SD (Super Ductile) great strength ribbed TMT re-bars are prepared to be better ready for earthquakes in seismic-prone regions.

Why Tata Steel is greatest for construction?

India's most favored Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) rebar that offers superior strength to all cement structure. These are superior quality structural tubes that deliver high durability and supply to construction needs under Infrastructure, Architectural and Industrial Application in addition to General Engineering groups.


Through a matchless commitment to building unbreakable houses, fulfilled dreams are the lifelong legacy of Tata Tiscon. Superior class building materials, industry leading automation as well as unbeatable support for its network of home builders, engineers along with dealers come together to make it India’s prominent TMT rebar brand!

About Tata Steel

Put up on a foundation of trust, Tata Steel  was assimilated as Asia’s first private steel enterprise by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata in 1907. Promise to innovation and justifiable growth are the hallmarks of Tata Steel. The company serves a world-wide market with operations through 26 countries, a commercial existence in more than 50 countries, and employees across 5 continents. An international leader, Tata Steel remains the least cost maker of steel in Asia.



This is the complete reform thru the Super Ductile
Tata Tiscon 550SD bar! It is the modern and most formidable force to form a future seamless construction. Evidence to the matchless belief of Tata Steel, it is India’s leading GreenPro certified rebar as well as is manufactured using industry foremost innovative automation. Ready from virgin iron ore
as well as pure steel, every rebar has additional load carrying capacity due to its supreme strength along with ductility. Not to mention its heightened earthquake resistant properties.
Why wait? Lay an unwavering foundation
of your dreams by means of Tata Tiscon 550SD!

Additional Strength:

More Strength = More Savings

It has extra load carrying volume of the re-bars. For a certain design load, fewer number of re-bars or decreased diameter is mandatory.

Least YS of 570*MPa

(Higher than IS1786:2008 – 550MPa)

  • Simply carries design load without any structural flaws

  • Elevated design leads to diminish steel consumption

  • Equal to 6%^ savings on steel quantity

* Usual value as originated in 95% of the cases ^ Savings % founded on study completed for 500 as well as 550 grade rebar for characteristic RCC frame (SMRF) configurations similar to G+1, G+2, G+3 in addition to floor areas of 250 and 500 sq yard situated in seismic zone IV

Additional Flexibility:

More Flexibility (ductility) = More Safety

Improved earthquake resistance

Least UTS/YS ratio of >=1.15

(Alike lS13920 2016 - >=1.15)

Greater gap between YS and UTS results in greater ductility

Least Total Elongation of >=16%

(Higher than IS13920:2016 - >=14.5%)

Capacity to stretch more prior to fracture at room temperature

Least Total Elongation at max force (UTS) >=5%

(Similar to IS1786:2008 >=5%)

Suspensions localised necking of rebar at room temperature. In brief, better margin of security in advance of failure of the material.

Additional Eco-friendly

India’s Chief GreenPro Certified Rebar

  • Its bearable manufacturing practices have decreased the environmental impact of its re-bars

  • GreenPro Ecolabel empowers you to make an informed as well as sustainable choice

Additional Assurance

Guarantees peace-of-mind while buying

  • Tata Tiscon 550SD re-bars are accessible in pieces of steady dimensions

  • Each piece is of precise length, diameter as well as weight

Matchless Experience, Invincible Expertise

1. Extra Value

Golden Home Customer

  • Enter the Golden Home acknowledgment programme on acquisition of Rs.2.25 lakh or more

  • Acquire your queries solved by experts for the duration of the recognition programme

  • Acquire bigger offers on Tata Basera

Tata Basera

  • Upon procurements of Rs.75,000 or higher, you become a fragment of Tata Basera family

  • Enjoy high-class offers from Tata Group varieties

2. Additional Convenience

Tata Steel Aashiyana

  • One-stop house building website to create your homebuilding journey more ecstatic

  • From Inspiring Home Designs, Proved Experts, Material Valuation to Online Purchases – Aashiyana has it all

3. Additional Reach

  • More than 6000 dealer network

  • Free delivery inside municipal limits

  • Easy delivery experience


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