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Tehri TMT: Quality 12mm Saria for Construction


Tehri TMT: Building the Stronger Nation

Well-established experience in Indian steel segment has been driven by domestic readiness of raw materials for example iron ore and economical labour. Accordingly, Tehri Iron & Steel Industries in the steel segment has been a major provider to India’s manufacturing output.

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It is a largest steel producer with
FE: 415, FE: 500 in addition to FE: 550

Tehri TMT Saria Price

Size Price Date
12 mm Tehri TMT Saria Rs.59,650 MT to Rs.67,650 MT As on 2021

A Boundless Place to Work-Certified TM organisation

  1. To function as the focal point for the steel industry offering international leadership on all main strategic issues influencing the industry, predominantly focusing on economic, environmental as well as social sustainability

  2. Deliver benchmarking analysis as well as drive international improvement initiatives in the zones of environmental security, technology, protection and people development

  3. Promote world-wide market development opportunities for steel as well as promote steel to the world at large

  4. Deliver on a timely basis world-class economic data along with analysis on the universal steel industry and its value chain, in addition to assessments on life cycle facets of steel

  5. Increase consciousness, understanding as well as support for the steel industry amongst all outside stakeholders and key target audiences international

  6. Promote market competition which is free of government interventions inhibiting fair trade.

TMT Division:

Product Account: Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars originate with solid external surface as well as softer core. It is employed for residential buildings, industrial establishment as well as bridges. TMT steel is quite greater in comparison to conventional TOR steel bars as a result of their manifold engineering properties.

How many categories of TMT steel are there?

Four dissimilar grades

TMT bar makers in India manufacture four dissimilar grades of TMT bars – Fe-500, Fe-550, Fe-415 as well as Fe-600. The numbers designate the level of stress that should be applied to deform it plus higher the grade, the stronger plus superior the bar is. The grades are given as said by their strength and firmness.


What is 550D in steel?

'550' represents the smallest yield stress in MPa (the tensile stress compulsory to create a total elongation) as well as the letter 'D'denotes ductility. Merely put, this connotes the detail that TMT steel bars of 550D grade ensure a higher percentage of tensile strength as well as elongation.


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Tmt Bars is used when

Building Superstructure

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Laying Down Foundation

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