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ThyssenKrupp Elevator: Finer than the Finest

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Thyssenkrup Elevator: Finer than the Finest

Thyssenkrup elevator is moved by what moves people. In ever-growing cities, it provides better access. And, there are new ways to travel longer distances. Through clear solutions for progressively complex infrastructures, the group defines service by always putting its knowledge to its customers’ advantage. It is always devoted to doing better, day by day. This is TK Elevator.
Engineering that retains the world moving.

Next-generation mobility these days

If you live as well as work in a city, elevators unquestionably play a critical role in your everyday life. In fact, they transport more than a billion people every day, making them the world’s most extensively used – and safest – resources of transportation. At TK Elevator, its innovative elevator solutions are shaping the future of town mobility these days.

The company elevators are a perfect fit. And so it is:

From residential as well as office buildings to shopping centres, hospitals, hotels, train stations and airports, its passenger and freight elevators convey:

  1. Amplified transport capacity
  2. Reduced space necessities
  3. Improved safety
  4. Upgraded energy efficiency
  5. Superior durability and recyclability

The company elevator experts will assist you configure the finest solution for your exact needs. They’ll also guarantee your project’s success, from design and fitting, to maintenance, transformation and end of life.


Its solutions contain passenger and freight elevators through traction or hydraulic drive. And its abilities are rounded out by high-quality, customer-oriented service in addition to individual maintenance and transformation packages.


A step above

Its escalators are by now among the world’s best. But that’s not upright enough for the firm. That’s why it is continually innovating to advance its functionality, competence, comfort and look. From the range of powerhouse escalators for heavy-duty traffic to the same of trend-setting designs for stylish interiors, its highly consistent escalators are in step with your requirements.

Geared solutions to improve urban mobility

Whether it is working with you to design, install as well as maintain a new system or update an existing one, its tailor-made solutions adjust traffic flow and system efficiency. From train stations as well as airports to shopping malls, department stores as well as office complexes, you can count on its industry-leading escalators to:

  1. Include state-of-the-art technology
  2. Deal with heavy loads, extreme weather and recurrent use
  3. Offer greater trustworthiness, comfort and aesthetics
  4. Safeguard user and maintenance staff protection
  5. Provide improved durability and recyclability
  6. Comprise space for eye-catching advertising

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