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Udhayam TMT Bar: TMT Bar with CNC Protection


Udhayam TMT Bars: Making India more Innovative

Technological advances offer rise to newer scenarios, markets as well as demands every day. As our environment gets gradually polluted and corrosive, TMT technology has to advance to face the new challenges. To meet developing requirements Jeppiaar Furnace and Steels has launched an innovative brand of TMT bars drawing on more than 15 years of experience in producing high quality MS billets as well as TMT bars.

The corporation was made in 2006 by Colonel Thiru. Jeppiaar thru the vision of manufacturing finest quality reinforcement steels (TMT bars). The corporation later expanded to set up a furnace segment for manufacturing MS billets in 2009.

Udhayam TMT Steel Price

Size Price Date
12mm Rs.54,550 MT to Rs.67,450 MT 2022

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The huge experience and extensive research over the years have helped it to perfect the numerous parameters that are essential for manufacturing TMT bars with more tough even under the extreme conditions. The novel UDHAYAM TMT-CNC bars are engineered for longer life as well as greater corrosion resistance through the right composition of Copper, Nickle as well as Chromium.


  1. An inflexible focus on quality drives every phase of the manufacturing course, from procurement of raw material to distribution of finished goods, to guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

  2. The dynamic value-added products of the TMT Bar are procured merely from a highly trustworthy source and aid to hold the chemical composition of the metal synchronised thru parent Fe.

  3. Each metal has its exclusive quality and behaves in a distinctive manner under diverse conditions and applications. The ultimate blend and quality are compulsory to produce top class TMT bars.


All products are manufactured as per ISI standard IS code IS 1786.



The raw material which comprises various grades of Mild Steel Scrap and Sponge Iron is inspected and separated according to the quality standards and encompass certain metals for example copper nickel, in addition to chromium charged in to the furnace.


Raw materials charged into the induction furnace are transformed into molten metal. Its quality team ensures that the liquid metal is at optimum temperature and grade earlier than it is tapped off.


Liquid metal is transported to the Laddle, where it is refined. In terms of Sulphur as well as Phosphorous, Ladle Refining aids float inclusions and eliminate gases. At the end of Ladle therapy, the final chemistry is achieved by adding ferro-alloys as well as the liquid steel is sent to the caster.


Liquid metal from the ladle is moved into the Tundish and at that point into the Copper Mould assembly. Liquid metal is then casted into square billets.


The Billets emerge from the nonstop casting machine is fed in to rolling mill over roller conveyers.


Hot Billets are rolled in incessant rolling mill having 20 passes. Various passes for example Roughing, Intermediate as well as finishing stands are utilized depending upon the size and length of the compulsory end product.


The hot rolled Re-bars are passed over the Quenching box designed by means of the Tempcore process. Soft water is applied for quenching as well as its temperature and pressure are mechanically monitored using PID gain controller and adjustable frequency driven motor pumps. The external layer is cooled quickly to form tempered Martensite. The internal core is cooled gently by natural air, as heat is directed to the top layer gradually, providing the core a Ferrite Pearlite Micro structure that extends the bars.


The reinforced bars are processed through Incessant Shearing Machine as well as Fly shearing. Both the shearing Machines cut the Rod homogeneously at precise 40 Feet length. The inclined Transfer Table gathers the Finished TMT Bars and moves them to Bending Machines where U bending of the rod occurs. TMT bars are then bundled, tagged, as well as moved to its stockyard.


Dispatch division is prepared with two in-house weigh bridges as well as third-party logistic arrangements to eradicate any delay in transportation of finished goods to its customers. Accuracy in weight is sustained by periodic maintenance of the Scales by the OEM.

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