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Is uPVC Better Then Wooden Window

Wooden Windows and Doors Vs uPVC Windows and Doors

There was a time when only wooden doors and windows used to adorn houses. However, things changed with time and numerous explorations have been done in this area. One of the finest explorations came out with the discovery of the coveted material uPVC, whose application has become the part of domestic life of human kind. These uPVC windows do not need much maintenance manually as well as financially and do last for a long span of time. Further, they are easy to maintain. You are not supposed to treat or repair these windows. Wooden windows, in contrast, require costly maintenance and treatments at regular intervals.

Following conversation will throw incandescent light on various aspects of both these materials:

Comparison between uPVC and wooden windows:

Differing to wooden windows and uPVC windows are in fact weather resistant. Their products neither rot nor warp or fade and once fitted they will last for decades. uPVC window frames are premeditated to stand risky weather conditions.


Both uPVC and wooden windows contain a fairly long lifespan if they are looked after. Nevertheless, wooden windows normally last longer. This comes at a price since, in order to stand the assessment of time, wooden windows do require more maintenance in contrast to its plastic complements.

The Disadvantages of Wood Windows:

Wood requires additional maintenance than vinyl or aluminum. Moreover, it is more defenseless to decay, termite infestation, and cracking or warping as a result of heat and moisture. Cracks as well as gaps in the wood can lead to energy bills to rise.

Disadvantages of uPVC windows and doors:

Notwithstanding to their toughness, such windows and doors are prone to bending and sashing because of their lightweight. In addition to that, they are physically not as strong as aluminum windows. It has been found that too much heat can even lead to the falling-out of their frames.

Are uPVC windows and doors better than wood ones?

After all, old is gold. A hard timber door will be stronger, safer and more thermally competent than an uPVC front door. Up-to-date uPVC front doors, nonetheless, are built through an insulating multi-chamber interior which is really both strong and high performing.

Do wood windows worth the money?

Wooden doors and windows have been the part of homes since the inception of civilization. They are still the greatest type of windows available, exclusively with virtually all companies presenting composite or aluminum-cladded exteriors. These windows and doors are the most beautiful, long-lasting, and energy-efficient windows you can purchase.

Lifespan of uPVC windows:

Stereotypically, they last nearby 20 years. This span can fluctuate between 10-35 years depending on the feature and maintenance.


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