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Types of Elevators Gurgaon

Elevators or lifts are primarily used to transport both people and goods vertically among multiple floors in buildings. In the modern era, the structure of skyscrapers or any multi-storeyed buildings canâ??t be even imagined without the installation of lifts.



There are a few types of them and each has unique purpose. Following illustrations will throw more light on their various aspects:


Traction elevators

These elevators are usually employed in high-rises as well as other large establishments, together for transporting people and freights.


Hydraulic elevators

These are less intricate than the traction elevators and are thus ideal for low traffic or low-rise buildings as well as establishments.


Climbing elevators

These are self-ascending as well as use their own thrust to ascend. This thrust can either be accomplished by a combustion or else electric engine. These types of elevators are normally used in towers or guyed masts so as to assist the easy access for the maintenance of diverse parts of the constructed formation.


Pneumatic elevator

These elevators exercise a vacuum and a valve to travel the car upwards and air in place of the vacuum to shift it down.

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