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Vinayak TMT steel 12mm Price Fe500 Grade Price

Best TMT steel bar in Hyderabad Telangana

VINAYAK TMT BARS are an outcome of a relentless drive, research led innovation in addition to obsession with excellence of VINAYAK TMT BARS PVT.LTD. It is an organization which is recognized for its "Commitment to Quality"!

Vinayak TMT steel bars price list:

Vinayak TMT Steel 12mm

Rs 58,225 /  MT

Vinayak TMT Steel  8mm

Rs 61,645 /  MT

Vinayak TMT Steel 16mm

Rs 59,535 /  MT

Vijay TMT Steel 10mm

Rs 60,845 /  MT

Vinayak TMT Steel 20mm

Rs 59,445 /  MT

Vinayak TMT Steel 25mm

Rs 59,445 /  MT

Pure TMT

Mechanical Properties

  • Because of its unit technique of manufacture Vinayak TMT process amalgamation of strength and ductility that is a far surplus of the minimum limit stipulate in the standard IS 1786 in case of yield strength of this TMT through the standards state a min 415 N/n m2. Furthermore, designers use this value for design the characteristic value of ductility as measures through elongation is 18% -24% min as against the usual value of 14.5% min this greater value of strength and ductility are assurance of higher leaves of safety.


  • Because of the finished outer surface and soft core of the TMT can be bend effortlessly around mandrels much smaller in diameter as compared to the IS 1786 specification this has noticeable advantage at construction site.


  • Vinayak TMT is presented for the newly ready build technology. The group will provide customized cut and bend rebar solution with modern technology for cutting and bending course. Benefits is as per below:-


  1. Decreased Wastage.
  2. Length and Shape as per necessity
  3. Re-ability of Steel as well as Supply
  4. Accurate Shape as per requirement
  5. Improved Side Productivity
  6. Healthier Quality Construction
  7. Reduced Project Charge
  8. Decrease Inventory at Site
  9. Just in Time Delivery Schedule
  10. Smooth Finishing
  11. Security at Site


  • Vinayak TMT supplied through sectional weight lower than the usual value and is assured for not more than one percent tolerance heavy. This certifies higher metergrapher unit weight for this TMT compared to conventional rebar.


  • Several study were showed on concrete beam column joints strengthened with Vinayak TMT assess its performance under believed reserve loading by large formation as would be in countered throughout an earthquake the energy dissipation was discovered to be almost same for each cycle. The taste exposed superior seismic resistance property for this TMT.

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