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VRKP Steel: A quality TMT Steel Bar


VRKP TMT: Picking up the Most Sparkling Pearl


VRKP TMT is selling like hot cakes these days. There is something unique with it, which keeps it at precedence with its other competitors. Its unique Dual-Ribbed technology provides amplified grip on concrete, giving buildings heightened strength and weather resistance. Furthermore, each VRKP TMT has supreme ductility, making it fit for all construction types-from homes to comprehensive projects. Each bar is tensile as well as provides maximum protection in all circumstances.

The group has consolidated its position in the market and hence, has become one of the prominent market leaders in the country.

VRKP Steel Bar Price

Size Price Date
12mm Rs.53,050 MT to Rs.65,400 MT 2022

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The journey of the group first began in 1990, in Bangalore, quite before the city was inaugurated the Silicon Valley of India, when it opened the doors to its first section steel company.

With India’s conversion from a closed to an open economy, in addition to the economic boom that afterward followed, VRKP Group doubled over its turnover to Rs.60 Cr. in 1995, as well as added a second plant, Shree Steel, to its bend.

This success led to variation into the fields of finance as well as agriculture, which, combined with its steel manufacturing business, brought in a united turnover of more than Rs.2400 Cr. Finished it all, TMT steel exists at the core of its business, the foundation upon which VRKP’s victory is built.


For more than three decades, these TMT bars have laid the foundation for countless ambitious building projects- government, real estate and industrial.

The group holds the extremely regulated and comprehensive five phase manufacturing process. This has aided it produce trustworthiness in class as well as ductility.

Innovation has been the key to success for the firm and this has enabled it to present the consumers with eco-friendly and high quality TMT bars in economical price range.

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