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Remarkable Benefits of AAC Blocks

AAC blocks are the talk of town in real estate industry. They do possess much precedence over their counterparts and hence, have gained popularity. Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) is really a lightweight, precast, foam concrete building material appropriate for producing concrete masonry unit (CMU) such as blocks. It simultaneously offers structure, insulation along with fire- and mold-resistance.

1. Lightweight
These AAC Blocks are three to four times lighter than bricks, thirty percent lighter as compared to that of concrete which facilitates in reducing the lifeless load of the building, thereby permitting construction of taller buildings.


2. Eco-Friendly as well as Sustainable
The utilization of recycled industrial waste (fly ash), non-toxic components, no emitting gases, as well as fewer energy consumptions creates the ACC Blocks eco-friendly and sustainable.


3. Fire Resistant
Non-combustible as well as fire-resistant up to 1600° C which can survive up to six hours of direct exposure.


4. Thermally Insulated plus Energy Efficient
Tiny air pores along with thermal mass of blocks supply outstanding thermal insulation, hence reducing heating along with air conditioning costs of a building.


5. Acoustic Performance
Since the AAC block is porous in nature, the sound inclusion quality is greater. It offers sound reduction of about 42 dB, blocking out all foremost sounds as well as disturbances which makes it perfect for hospitals, hotels, offices, schools, multi-family housing along with other structures that need acoustic insulation.


6. Easy Workability as well as Design Flexibility
AAC blocks can be effortlessly cut, nailed, drilled, milled and grooved to fit person requirements.


7. Quicker Construction
Construction of AAC Blocks decreases the construction time by 20%. Since, different sizes of blocks help to cut the number of joints in wall masonry. Such lighter weight of the blocks makes it easier as well as quicker to transport, place as well as construct the masonry.


8. Seismic Resistant
Lightweight blocks diminish the mass of a structure, as a result decreasing the shock of an earthquake on a building. Non-combustible nature endows with an advantage against fires, which commonly go with earthquakes.

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