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Brick Used for High Strength Construction

Brick building material has been used as a form of construction for a long time due to its stability. It is assembled by placing bricks in mortar in an organized manner to erect solid mass that endure exerted loads. There are a number of types of bricks plus number of mortars which can be employed to build brick masonry.

The tie in brick masonry, which sticks bricks together, is formed by filling joints between bricks with appropriate mortar.

Kinds of Brick Masonry Work

  1. Brick Work in Mud
    • The mud is employed to fill up different joints brick masonry work.
    • It is employed for building of walls with maximum height of four meters.
  2. Brick Work in Cement

This kind of brick masonry is building by laying bricks in cement mortar to a certain extent than mud which is exercised in brick work in mud. 


Kinds of Bricks

There are different kinds of brick used in the construction of brick masonry which take in:

  1. Concrete Bricks
  2. Common Burnt Clay Bricks
  3. Fly ash Clay Bricks
  4. Sand Lime Bricks (Calcium Silicate Bricks)
  5. Engineering Bricks
  6. Other Brick Types comprise bullnose, cownose, channel, coping in addition to hollow bricks.


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