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Simple Guidelines for AAC Blocks

AAC blocks are getting precedence over bricks in construction projects, since the last decade. There are plenty of features of these blocks, which normal bricks are deprived of. Following illustration will make this point clearer:

Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) is actually a precast, lightweight, foam concrete building material fit for producing concrete masonry unit (CMU) similar to blocks. They are composed of quartz sand, lime, calcined gypsum, cement, water along with aluminum powder. These products are cured under heat in addition to pressure in an autoclave.

Which AAC block is preeminent?

•    Biltech AAC Block. 
•    Aerocon Blocks. Aerocon bricks are looked upon as a premier building material in India, presenting numerous ground-breaking benefits to construction companies.
•    Siporex blocks. 
•    JK Lakshmi AAC Blocks. 
•    Renacon AAC Blocks
•    Magicrete AAC block.

How do you verify quality of AAC blocks?

AAC Block Quality verification on construction site

1.    Stacking ought to be done only on even as well as leveled ground surface over the 100 -200 mm for Ground Surface.
2.    Dealing with Beam with 2 number of 8 diameter reinforcement bar subsequent to 1.2 to 1.4 m height from the beginning level.
3.    Readymade jointing chemical by way of 3 to 4 mm thickness or with usual cement mortar (1:6 )

How do you maintain AAC blocks from cracking?

Some of the reasons following such cracking are deflection of beams, not level placing of blocks, structural movement because of Thermal expansion or change in damp content. One way to stay away from this is to delay the employment of the blocks till equilibrium humidity content is reached.

Is there any standard for AAC blocks?

0.3. 2 Autoclaved cellular (aerated) concrete blocks are utilized for both load bearing as well as co-ordination of requirements of a variety of types of concrete masonry units, covered under different Indian Standards.

Does AAC blocks need plastering?

AAC abbreviates for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. These blocks are energy-efficient, lightweight, fire-resistant plus an excellent thermal insulator. The buildings constructed through AAC blocks are also acknowledged as environmentally friendly buildings as well as these buildings don't need curing and plastering.

Is curing required for aac blocks?

No curing is compulsory neither for AAC blocks or adhesive. Soaring tensile strength is accomplished in less time. Since the thickness of the adhesive is very thin, it gets rid of the shrinkage cracks in joints.

Where are AAC blocks used?

As an effect of its excellent properties, AAC is utilized in various building constructions, for instance in residential homes, commercial as well as industrial buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels and many other applications. These blocks contain 60% to 85% air by volume.

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