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Top uPVC Window and Door Brands in India

uPVC windows and doors are talk of the town, these days. They are securing their places fixed in your drawing room, guest room, dining hall or rather entire home. There are number conspicuous brands in this segment. However, a few of them are really remarkable and the following discussion shall confirm the fact of their superiority among all:


One of the most well-known window and door brands in India, this company specialises in providing high-quality uPVC door and window design options that adhere to international design standards. Following a thorough site assessment, the company helps customers select the most appropriate design, builds the chosen design, delivers it to customers' doorsteps, and also makes installation easier. It also transports detailed after-sales service – all these products are backed by an inclusive warranty.

Fenesta is a portion of the 125-year-old DCM Shriram Group as well as was inaugurated in the year 2002. The enterprise has a pan-India presence that incorporates more than twenty offices, nine studios and more than hundred dealers. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon, as well as has manufacturing plants in Bhiwadi, Hyderabad plus Chennai.


It is World’s main producer of energy-efficient as well as weather-resistant uPVC Windows and Doors.

It is the only uPVC Windows and Doors producer to

Be certified by 2 of the internationally distinguished labs “BSI – UK” and “SKZ – Germany”
• Have verified its profiles to more than 22,000 hours of harsh weather to ensure the finest quality.

Prominance uPVC profiles by far exceed the European quality standards through a giant margin in all the mechanical property experiments.

It sources only the best grade of raw material from European Fortune five hundred companies. Its optimized production method delivers 100% lead-free and durable uPVC profiles for the Indian weather.

Prominance has more than hundred window manufacturing units through its channel partners across India, with the volume of ten million Sq.fts of Windows every annum

It is one of the most reliable uPVC brands utilized by numerous prestigious Real Estate Firms internationally. It offers a wide variety of precision-engineered uPVC profiles thru various options of colour layered textures.


Adoption is one of Turkey’s foremost providers of uPVC door as well as window systems, with a mounting Indian footprint. The company delivers high-quality solutions that are well-matched to a variety of sectors, through a special emphasis on security. The company was originated in Antalya, Turkey in 1997.


The company brings German accuracy to the Indian uPVC door as well as window manufacturing segment. The Karl Lingel Fensterbau GmbH and Co., which was in fact founded in 1959 in Ellwagen, Germany, is the parent company of the Lingel brand. The syndicate has numerous years of experience in building construction projects that it brings to its uPVC door as well as window solutions. The corporation’s Indian headquarters are situated in Bhiwandi.


The firm provides end-to-end solutions that contain survey, design, delivery, fabrication, installation as well as after-sales service. It is a subordinate of the Aparna Group, which has formed some of the most admired real estate projects in Andhra Pradesh as well as Telangana. The Group also contain interests in housing infrastructure, and numerous allied services for instance ready-mix concrete, concrete blocks as well as pavers.

Here are particular worthy mentions:


Another significant German fenestration company is Window Magic, which was founded as a joint venture between Window Magic India Pvt. Ltd as well as Profine Group – the world’s principal manufacturer of uPVC profiles. The syndicate offers high-end uPVC solutions comprising upPVC doors as well as window profile lamination in diverse colours, insect screens along with glass solutions, which are produced using state-of-the-art technologies.


The brand creates world-class uPVC windows to meet the requirements of discerning Indian consumers. The company was founded in 2008 and is recognized for the high class of its production. Its manufacturing facility is positioned in Bangalore, and is the prime manufacturing facility of its type in India, through a production volume of 400 windows a day. Its doors and windows are offered across India, by way of the corporation’s strong network of channel partners.


This is one of India’s most reliable names in energy-efficient and tough uPVC door and window solutions. The business has a hi-tech 100,000 sq. ft manufacturing facility in Chennai, prepared thru pneumatic CNC machinery from Germany. The factory is actually ISO 9001:2008-certified.


It is a reputed exporter, producer, supplier along with trader of PVC doors and partitions, these windows as well as doors, uPVC casement windows, office workstations, in addition to office executive chairs plus conference tables, among others. The firm’s products are sourced from reliable vendors, with a strong focus on class, durability along with cost-efficiency.


It Views delivers world-class, high-performance uPVC windows as well as doors to its consumers. The company is supported by a decade of experience as well as driven by its passion for value. With a total capacity of 240 windows per shift and South India's largest fully integrated uPVC window and door production facility, it is able to handle huge and complex orders. All of TNR's products feature VEKA profiles, which are enhanced with a specific Tropical Mix to make them even more suited to the climate conditions in India. The company has collaborated with the foremost glass manufacturer – Saint-Gobain, to additionally enhance the performance and longevity of their products. It has also connected with the hardware manufacturers – Pulse as well as Roto to yield better-performing windows and doors.


Alpro Industries contains more than three and half decades of experience in the building, construction in addition to infrastructure industry. The corporation supports aluminium doors, windows as well as facades under the Alpro brand, plus uPVC doors and windows under the Winpro product.

It has state-of-the-art manufacturing units that are prepared with stylish German and Italian machinery, outstanding management and skilled installation teams. The firm prides itself on the high class of its products as well as services – it has defined interior quality checks and practices that extend from manufacturing as well as installation to after-sales services.

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