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Fujitec Elevators: Innovative and Responsible Group

Elevators and escalators are crucial parts of urban life which support smooth and easy movement. Through daily research as well as development, Fujitec elevator is committed to improving your safety, excellence and comfort further.

System development in the not-too detached future might have functions outside our imagination. Just as space travel was once assumed to be unbelievable or fantasy-like; the persistent efforts of the company in research as well as development over the years are making the impossible a reality. The company believes,  “we dream of big solutions for progressing these systems, we will attain new methods in pioneering transportation”.


It has pursued the unfamiliar and nurtured its dreams as "seeds of the future.” By cherishing these “seeds”, Fujitec has shaped the future of moving systems when thought to be far-reaching. In doing so, it is opening the door to a new era.


Fujitec endeavours to operate under a Japanese business principle of accomplishment through accountability or "Sanpo Yoshi." It denotes business transactions offer benefits to all parties; the seller, the buyer in addition to society at large. The native communities will be positivity impacted through the volunteering of time, resources as well as talents by the Fujitec bands across the world. In addition, it also values our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), accepted by the United Nations General Assembly, which represent social issues by the year 2030.

Environmentally and Society Friendly Approach:

As an environmentally as well as socially focused company, the group strives to fulfil its social responsibilities in solving social issues, like combating the spread of infectious diseases as well as reducing carbon emissions. As a benefactor of social infrastructure, it can define areas in which only it can make a contribution. Moreover, it will make use of touch-less and Ionful technologies, to form environments that offer nontoxic and reliable products in the post-COVID-19 era. It will continue to brand Fujitec a more robust and associated global company that answers customer requirements through its state of the art technologies.

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