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Hitachi: Best Escalator and Elevator in India

Best Lift or Elevator in India

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Hitachi Lift: Exclusive System

Hitachi Lift India Pvt. Ltd. was set up in 2008 as a 100% subordinate service base company of Hitachi. The company deals with installation as well as maintenance of Hitachi’s vertical transportation system like elevators and escalators in addition to moving sidewalks in India.

Trustworthy Services
Hitachi has one of the uppermost market shares in Japan, and is growing the sphere of its activities to several countries where its products are engaged in transporting millions of people every day. High quality and dependability is the secret of its products being respected globally. This is backed up by ground-breaking product technologies letting the company to respond to the rising need for highly well-organized vertical transportation solutions.
Hitachi Lift India endures to inspire the next vertical transportation system through its global premium technology for the Indian’s society as well as your projects.


People travel comfortably in elevators in buildings in addition to other urban spaces. As buildings turn out to be larger and taller, the company strives to achieve ever-improving safety as well as energy savings.

It has developed a sequence of elevators to meet the increasing demands of the market as well as play a vibrant role in overall building operations. The class of the elevator system overall regulates the degree of a building’s serviceability. The firm designs as well as customises our elevators to meet your building’s precise requirements and are proficient of building the most efficient, cost-effective and reliable elevators that you can effortlessly install.

Escalators / Moving Sidewalks

Numerous facilities in the city are armed with escalators and moving sidewalks. For this infrastructure, the group not only focuses on achieving advanced safety, but also works to guarantee they meet today's energy-saving necessities with regard to both function as well as design.

Hitachi Escalators are at work carrying people everywhere from hotels, offices, department stores to numerous other types of buildings.
Hitachi’s innovative Escalators have many new functions for competent operation as well as maintenance in consideration of energy-saving. Bearing in mind passengers’ convenience as well as comfort of use, Hitachi Escalators will keep displaying efficient and reliable performance in continuously changing conditions of operation.
Through Hitachi’s advanced technology, the only purpose of its Escalators is to improve comfort. This is united with a creative ability to flexibly modify its escalators so that they merge in with the neighbouring environment. The end product is a user-friendly transportation system which provides more convenience as well as more comfortable movement.

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