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Hyundai Elevator: Pioneering Technology

Hyundai Elevator: Pioneering Technology

Hyundai Elevator is dedicated to providing marvellous transfer service in such fields as elevators, escalators along with moving walks in order for safe, quick and convenient transfer experiences which meet the requirements of the growing urban architecture.


Hyundai Elevator has approximately 70 places of business in Korea as well as overseas (Including India) and based on the widespread network, is taking a leap into the global market.



Hyundai Asan Tower, established in April 2009, confirms the safety and trustworthiness of ultra-high speed systems, products as well as parts.


Technology Research Institute

The Technology Research Institute was originated in 1986 to concentrate on developing new products and improving the competitive edge of the elevator.
The institute covers a comprehensive range of fields: together with SiC* technology for power savings; systems through ultra-high efficiency advanced with new material as well as module-type designing methods; AI-based prediction to cultivate smart remote maintenance systems; in addition to integrated transport systems to progress
operation proficiency of elevators.


Ultra-High Speed
Elevator System

THE EL 1080, mounted at Hyundai Asan Tower, is in fact an ultra-high speed elevator through a speed of 1,080mpm and the competence to meet the architecture necessities of first-class buildings.

Double-Deck System

The double-deck elevator operates 2 vertically associated elevator cars in 1hoist way, therefore having a 1.8 times-higher transport volume


Advanced Remote Monitoring

This intelligent remote maintenance system
structures remote control and inspection, along with
failure and lifetime prediction, etc. The system has decreased the time needed for troubleshooting as well as improving the maintenance service excellence.

IoT Smart Elevator Service

The solution lets a remote (reservation) call by means of a smart phone app. By dropping the waiting time for elevators and raising their transport efficiency, it realizes first-rate energy savings.


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