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JBG HEXA TMT : Jai Balaji Group marking difference creating value for society


JBG HEXA TMT: Strengthening the Nation

  • It is often said that you can’t hide the light of the Sun anywhere. The same is true for JBG Hexa TMT bars also. Their unparalleled strength along with ductility has made them quite famous among engineers, architects as well as builders in a very short span of time. JBG Hexa Tech Private Limited is actually an unlisted private company integrated on 08 September 2021. It is categorized as a private limited company and is situated in Kolkata, West Bengal. Its official share capital is INR 15.00 lac, as well as the total paid-up capital, is INR 10.00 lac.
  • The company has 2 directors - Gaurav Jajodia and Sahastru Jajodia

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  • It is the first type of everlasting TMT Bar. It is not just similar to the outline of a honeycomb but it also emblematizes perfection, heavy labor, and environmental shield which are what the brand stands for. Its united steel plant situated in Durgapur, West Bengal contains DRI – BF – LRF route for steel manufacture.
  • The brand aims to distribute the best TMT steel bars, manufactured by its qualified and committed workforce, in a socially as well as environmentally responsible atmosphere, seeking to not just meet your requirements but also in building the community by applying the best business as well as production practices and guaranteeing corporate citizenship.
  • JBG HEXA TMT Bars are permitted thru the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) under IS: 1786 – 2008. The group manufactures the top quality TMT of sizes 6mm, 8mm, 16mm, 12mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 28mm, in addition to 32mm in grades through the finest features for the construction industry. It is also the leading group in Eastern India.


  • JBG HEXA TMT bars possess high strength as well as super ductility.
  • These Bars are Thermo-Mechanically treated by a world-leading Thermex Expertise (German).
  • The great weldability of TMT bars keeps the construction building undamaged.
  • Smooth finish TMT Bars guarantee a perfect structure.
  • The company has fixed-length TMT Bars that are stress-free for construction.
  • These Bars ensure high elongation, which is serving to make the structure earthquake resistant.

Jai Balaji Group – The Parent of JBG HEXA TMT Bars:

  • Sustainability and welfare are a vibrant part of the expansion course at Jai Balaji Group, determined to maintain synchronization between economic and social along with environmental objectives. By being vulnerable to climate change and securing worldwide leadership to protect our society as well as the environment, its policies and initiatives demonstrate its approach toward corporate social responsibilities.
  • In addition to following all compulsory legal and environmental rules, the group adopts relevant technologies to revolutionize new products and functioning methods to curtail their adverse impact on the environment. It is proud of not only keeping in check as well as controlling emissions and discharges from many manufacturing processes but also repetitively increasing and maintaining green cover within its industrial premises to produce a better tomorrow, today, for the generations to emanate. Its waste management policies as well as energy efficiencies are such that they yield virtually no solid waste. It is in fact the first ever company in its sector to accept green policies. As a good corporate practice as well as for better governance, the Corporation shall continue to endeavor towards CSR the way it has been doing in previous years.

Why are JBG HEXA TMT bars designed with meticulous rib patterns?

  • Ribs deliver bonding strength between TMT Bars and Concrete. The buildings turn out to be strong and for their yield strength works thru bond concrete more that aids to withstand the building during an earthquake or flood. In Seismic Districts Ribbed TMT Bars offer an additional layer of safety.
  • Factors to Consider while picking TMT bars in West Bengal:
  • Summary- The finest deal in TMT bar is now available in numerous construction companies in West Bengal. The finest quality TMT bar is an imperative consideration.
  • The government-based building projects as well as the multi-storied structure owned by the private construction house ought to have high-quality steel. The construction enterprises come with different kinds of TMT steel bars. But, the selection of a suitable brand is an important consideration. In case you are picking the TMT bar from the market, it is very significant to choose a suitable brand.

What is the best quality TMT bar?

  • Some of you might not be in a situation to find out how to select the best quality TMT bar. The factors that will guarantee the best quality bar are the stamp of TMT bars, the ISI mark, along with the review of consumers. It is good to make an acquisition directly from the producer or the dealer of the TMT steel rod supplier. If you are thinking of procuring the best quality TMT bar from the bazaar, 24k saria is an essential considerationThe reputation of JBG HEXA TMT in the local construction industry is an important thought.

Choice of TMT bar that you need

  • As soon as you are choosing the TMT bars in the fair of West Bengal it is significant to have an appearance of ductility. This will simply meet your construction obligation. The budget is an additional important consideration while procuring the TMT steel bar from the bazaar. The steel manufacturing corporations in West Bengal come with the product which has class products.

The grade of TMT steel bar:

  • The grade of the TMT steel bar is an important consideration as soon as you are going to pick the quality steel for your house or apartment. There must be a seamless match of the house construction thru the TMT steel grade. Some of the proposals that the 24k saria require are Fe 500D, Fe 500, and Fe 550 D. Correspondingly, the size of the TMT bar arrays is from 8mm- 32mm; It is simple to find out the properties more effortlessly.

Benefits of JBG HEXA TMT bar

  • These TMT bars of West Bengal originate with themes manufacturing course. The technology linked with the TMT steel bar emanates with advanced fatigue ability. The capacity to bend the TMT bar is magnificent. Also, the tensile strength, as well as the durability of the product, is value mentioning. The properties mark this TMT bars fine for the earthquake-resistant feature. The application of the correct methodology is a main consideration. West Bengal is central India. As a result, it lies in seismic zone III. Therefore, the chances of earthquakes are pretty high. Its corrosion-resistant nature is one more advantage of it.

TMT Price In West Bengal

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