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TMT Rod Price in West Bengal

Best TMT Brands in West Bengal

There is a huge consumption of TMT bars of varied brands in the construction industry of West Bengal. There is a long list of TMT brands here. Nevertheless, there are only a few which have stood among all because of their features like exceptional ductility, inordinate strength, corrosion resistance, fire resistance as well as earthquake resistance. The following gist will help you understand this subject more clearly:


  1. Kamdhenu TMT:

Kamdhenu Steel launched KAMDHENU SS 10000 TMT Bar in 2013. It is a premium product with twofold rib, twofold strength and twofold safety appropriate for greatly seismic zone.

Strength of these bars is sensibly controlled by adjusting the water pressure for their pearlitic core and hard surface of tempered martensite, thus providing the best strength, hardness, and durability.


These TMT bars are widely applied in general purpose concrete reinforcement in thermal and hydel power plants, buildings, bridges, and flyovers, dams, industrial constructions, high-rise structures, underground platforms in metro railways; in addition to rapid transport systems.


  • Heightened strength shared with high ductility

  • First-rate weld capacity without loss of strength at welded joints

  • Healthier ductility and malleability

  • High thermal resistance

  • Earthquake resistant

  • Noteworthy savings in cost of steel


  1. SAIL TMT:

There a little bit of SAIL in everybody’s life” and this slogan justifies very well because of the trust it has created among us due to its high class products.

Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is one of the prime steel-making companies in India and undoubtedly one of the Maharatnas of the nation’s Central Public Sector Initiatives.

SAIL TMT Bar is certainly a high strength reinforcement bar that is ultimate for any form of construction project. These bars are used in industrial buildings, schools, warehouses, bridges, dams, and power plants across the country. The bars make the whole structure strong and more resistant to outside pressure.

Is SAIL TMT bar valuable for construction?

These TMT bars are used generally across infrastructure, commercial, as well as industrial construction projects. 

  1. SRMB TMT:

SRMB (Srijan Private Limited) is an admired group in the country. It manufactures TMT bars, CRS TMT bars, in addition to Structural items with a turnover of more than 1500 crore per annum. The group has an up-to-the-minute unified steel plant at Durgapur (West Bengal) that assembles steel semis (billets) from iron ore. 

The SRMB TMT Bars are created in technical collaboration through CRM and Belgium's TEMPCORE Cooling Technology. They are the single steel manufacturer in India that holds a Tempcore licence for up to Fe 550 grade as well as a BIS licence for up to Fe 600 grade. This is for all available diameter together with ductile (D) & S grades. In recent times, the company has as well as introduced its SR (seismic-resistant) range of TMT bars, a product appropriate for use in earthquake-prone zones.


  1. Superior Strength

  2. Increase Ductility

  3. Corrosion Resistant

  4. Upgraded Elongation

  5. High Load Resistant

  6. Higher Weld-ability

  1. Jindal Panther TMT:

Jindal Panther TMT Brand was launched in 2013. It is inspired by the power and quickness of the black potent feline. Since its inception, the group has been presenting premium TMT bars factory-made in state of art facilities for the housing as well as construction requirements. As a principal Rebar Brand, the whole corporation relies on constant invention and future technologies to shape a stronger nation.

There are a few philosophies, which exist at the core of the group. Constant revolution, process excellence, and the determination to provide unmatched quality is the main philosophy.

Why Jindal Panther:

The TMT bars are technologically radical thermo-mechanically treated bars through greater properties , owing to the sophisticated manufacturing technology from leaders in rebar production- specifically, HYQST Technology (MORGAN, USA) and QST Technology (SMS MEER, Germany). HYQST technology harvests bars with higher strength, ductility, bendability, and well as weld ability surpassing the necessities of Fe500D, Fe 550D in addition to Fe 600CRS bar standards.

  1. TATA Tiscon TMT:

Tata Tiscon 550SD has made a revolution in construction. With its unique features and unmatched quality, it is the newest and most challenging
force to build a future of seamless construction. It is unquestionably a testament to the matchless trust of Tata Steel. It is India’s leading GreenPro certified rebar and is man-made using industry leading automation.

This product is made from virgin iron ore
and unadulterated steel, and every rebar has supplementary load carrying dimensions because of its utmost strength and ductility. Its earthquake resistant characteristics make the whole building unshakable, even in the highest seismic zones.

  1. Shyam Steel:

Shyam Steel Group was established in 1953. It is one of the primary TMT Bar Manufacturer as well as Suppliers in India, creating billets, TMT bars and sponge iron.

Why Shyam TMT:

Shyam Steel’s TMT bars come with a chain of in-built advantages like unswerving quality along with even grades, dimensions, as well as tolerances. It also comes with higher stability, properties for developed durability and relaxed workability. Its assimilated steel plant at Durgapur has DRI Unit, SMS Unit (EAF), Incessant Billet Casting Mill, classy Rolling Mill as well as fully-equipped Testing laboratories. These are all under one roof. The Company has thus received ISO – 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification.

The company is offering a wide-ranging range of construction steel. Its assortment of TMT Re-bars serves the intermittent need of a civil engineer. The series of Structural Steel offered by the corporation meets the supreme demands of the engineering segment.

Unique Features:

Fe 500D bars are ultimate for applications in heavy load RCC structures similar to flyovers, dams, bridges along with other critical constructions where high yield load (design load) is essential without compromising on the flexibility. In addition to the features of Shyam Steel TMT Re-bars display the following characteristics

Special Weld ability

These TMT bars do not need pre or post welding treatment since they have low carbon content plus are manufactured under controlled thermo mechanical treatment.

Advanced Corrosion Resistance

The measured thermo mechanical treatment also results in an unchanging and thick tempered martensitic rim, absolutely free from internal stress. This martensitic rim expands the corrosion resistance along with fatigue strength of the Fe 500D bars when compared to other TMT bars.


The price of these TMT bars is comparatively lower as compared to their other counterparts.


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